Do you want to make your computer faster with a million times?

هل ترغب بجعل جهاز الكمبيوتر أسرع بمليون مرة؟

هل ترغب بجعل جهاز الكمبيوتر أسرع بمليون مرة؟

Computers have become part of our daily lives, and we are always looking for the fastest devices for their acquisition, so that once we get on a fast for some time to think about getting a faster machine, maybe this is something that is innate, everyone has it, with a pledge to become the speed of the computer is just a number the user tries to get on top of him.

Speed up hardware is currently the best of its and their operations for nearly one million process per second, is intended to process all the details of the movements performed by the device in a second within a larger process, for example when you perform a mathematical operation, the device outputs the output part of the second, but this output came through several operations done by computer in secret to give the total output.

Maybe I don’t have one of these devices now, not even the area soon, but weird that this dance will become just a small part compared to the new technique that uses pulses of laser light to carry out operations, so that this technique will make the computer says about the “million million” operation per second, double the best previous techniques by about a million times! This is true, but it’s hard to imagine it simple.

Where all computer processes or system based on the unity of action, which consist of a value is determined as “1” or “0”, and manufacturers chips of silicon to help with this process give a value for each bit, due to the ability of money to save and copy data and clear it in time, but with the new experiments carried out by scientists to raise the speed of the devices, the use of similar material. tungsten and selenium to deliver rays of light of the infrared laser will help in the measurement of silicon wafers to double the speed of a million times more.

The number that will not speed operations of devices in the so-called “quadrillion” a million million with simplified, in the case of the desire to know the size speed that it can reach no devices, you need to question yourself first about the number of times you heard the term “quadrillion” to find out the magnitude of this figure and the quality of the processes that the user will be able to do in fractions of a second.

Do you want to get the speed they are? Perhaps you should wait for some time until the trade expires and the report is available for normal use.


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