Do you want to send a message to me to the future? The site of the future offers you that

هل تريد ارسال رسالة لشخصك المستقبلي؟ موقع مستقبل يوفر لك ذلك

Different ideas of the existence of the world of technology and the internet, and while we see thousands of ideas, big, show, there are some simple ideas that provide distinctive services and users to reflect sometimes on their thinking or their lives in the present or the future. Especially with ideas like the idea of the site of the future brilliant and simple.

So that site lets you write yourself a message to you in the future after the period you selected. And of course, the beauty of the theme is centered around the possibility of making reference to what to do in the future. For example, you can send a message to yourself after 5 years you talk about being you will study the masters during that period, or you build your own project and, after the expiration of that period you will see if you can achieve your dreams.

But it probably does not end at this, you can also use the site to remind you of certain things during the period of a week or a month to do.

Visit the site and send yourself a message from here.

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