Do you wish to capture a selfie in space? NASA launches the application allows it

We can say that many people prefer self-portraits or what you know currently selfie focused front of the beautiful natural landscape or historical landmarks famous, but what if you had the opportunity to capture a selfie in space!

If you want to capture a selfie in the space, The when the US Space Agency NASA that launched the application on the Android system allows you to do it, but you won’t have to go out into space.

It offers the application NASA Selfies to request a photo of Silva’s unusual to you, and then installed on the space suit, then choose where you want the photo and what appears behind you, any galaxy of enormous galaxies such as Cassiopeia A and Crab Nebula and the Helix Nebula, and other galaxies. After preparing the image, you can share it on the social networks.

Referred to as that, this app is developed to celebrate the anniversary of the 15 launch of the Space Telescope Spitzer Space NASA, featuring a collection of images that display data infrared.

You can download application NASA Selfies from the Play Store.

Are you thinking about the experience of the application of NASA Selfies? We shared your experience in the comments.

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