Doctors in China use virtual reality to participate in the process on after 3700 km

Use doctors in China virtual reality technology and three-dimensional to participate in the surgery performed on thousands of kilometers away, according to a news report coming from China recently. Doctors performed surgery to correct a broken bone in a hospital in Portola in the Xinjiang region of Northwest China, was the chief doctor at the hospital last on after about 3, 700 km, but was able to help by using a system of virtual reality. The woman said 59-year-old, that every bone, muscle and nerves in her body portrayed in three dimensions to illustrate breakage and to help in understanding the situation, and share with the doctor the main. The report noted that the technology contributed to reducing the expenses of the aviation employees through participation in the conduct of remote operations, so that they will be using this technology in many types of bulk processes in the future. Already we have seen recently in the series The God Doctor, how could doctors make a hypothetical in the heart through virtual reality to test their idea, the extent of their success, allowed them to simulation re-test several times before the official app on the patient’s heart. Source: scmp

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