Does e-commerce need to “Compass”?

I come back after a break of long years of storage in a location that I’ve always loved the “tech world”.

I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life working in the field of electronic commerce with various merchants in more than company and. I ended up thankfully to the founding of the company took it upon themselves to transform the retail business from traditional retail to modern retail under the name “Z“.

During that period, and in our meetings continued with the trade or working in the e-commerce sector, found that the desire to often be “present”. Language and speech, especially in recent years, has shifted from “why?” To the “how?”. He began thinking in earnest within those of the top of the pyramid, in the exploitation of electronic commerce as a deterrent is important that the transfer / outlet important to him.

From what to how?

But the devil as they say lies in the details, the small details often make a difference.

I don’t want to dwell on or branched out in this thread, but one of the more points that found the impact of “direct” in changing the opinion of those traders, is to try to reunite them with the group internal candidate, and then sit with them and discuss the details of the development are detailed and fragmented, the moving operation of the project: “high-risk development” to the draft : “I will not lose something if I tried it”, especially if it is gradual.

In the past, it was the development of an electronic store and connect IT service providers, logistics support and other, requires an enormous effort and a long time, because the parties involved in this trip frequent. Now, with the presence of local players to provide those services on the body pads SaaS such as Zn. It’s at hand, because companies today can choose the route and reduce the risk of costs associated with before you start.

However, technique alone is not enough. You should always consider the project “electronic commerce” holistic view, as it is not just limited to “electronic shop” is developed with a technology company or independent programmer. It’s more than that.

An attempt to summarize a holistic view of e-commerce collects all of the parties and at the same time, the lack of complexity of the subject matter on the trade (whatever their size) we went out with the Compass label : Compass e-commerce. We have collected the most important factor that must be considered when thinking about starting a project of electronic commerce in the region (whether existing or new) this Compass does not require the stage of incorporation, but the operational phase and operations after all.

The goal of the Compass, consider your project from 8 different directions and integrated to guide you the right way to get started in the trade in your electronic, was taking advantage of Compass business Famous to the side of the pilot experience carried out by the fuel company, under the name of: compass apps and smart devices to access the Compass final.

The image combines the business model / model applications

We can summarize the compass of e-commerce as a new tool to enable the owner of the project of electronic commerce of effective planning – non-detailed – project of electronic commerce of its own with a view to give a holistic view of the project.

Compass electronic commerce with questions.

Model Compass shop glasses

Listed on the Compass face their eight, and to download a high-resolution copy to use for your project or a project wants to use you in the start of the project, can be accessed from the following page :

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