Does the application FaceApp product currently stealing your photos?

I’ve recently spread out an exciting application powered by artificial intelligence called FaceApp which add effects to fabulously change the shape of the face, but there are some questions about what happens to your voice when you use it.

Don’t worry, I won’t say application FaceApp stealing your photos as a whole, but with regret, you may be taking some pictures.

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It is worth mentioning that the application of FaceApp is not the first application Edit Photo lets you change your hairstyle, or get rid of some wrinkles, or figure out how you would look after 50 years. But it is one of the most these applications are prevalent even now.

Unlike similar applications, the effects FaceApp think are incredibly compelling. During the past few weeks, I got the app a rating of 4.8 stars in the App Store after more than 482000 assessment.

But there are some allegations that indicate that the FaceApp stealing each image of the image file, this is incorrect.

When you start using the FaceApp, you’ll be asked app access to your photos, such as any application to edit a photo. After giving his consent, will give you all your photos so you can find the image you want to edit quickly. In this way, it doesn’t send all your pics to the servers FaceApp.

And he Will Strafach, the founder of the application of the Guardian Firewall system, the iOS, using local network traffic to discover what happens to your data exactly when you use the FaceApp. And, apparently, it turns out that any images you choose to edit on FaceApp, is loaded on its servers. The application of many of the effects provided by the application servers and not on your device itself, so not download pictures that you are editing.

He explained Strafach that the process is “not clear”, there is no alert shows that when you start using FaceApp.


I know of

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