Does the right of privacy is well-being?

Most discussions of violence that we see in the comments the ones that talk about security and Privacy some find it an opportunity to mock Android and the iOS is safer and the others find him knows that he does not have what matter. very covers other trade. In this article we’ll talk about two points; you privacy is the welfare of really? And iOS does more to protect the privacy of Android is?

هل حقاً الخصوصية أمر رفاهية؟

There are concepts inaccurate about privacy and the importance of their protection; some think that ordinary person as well as “Man” and uses credit cards on his phone or his computer consequently there’s nothing to fear about privacy; it wants to penetrate or violate the privacy, you won’t find something important. This might have been true in the case of a hacker device means a breakthrough device to a specific person as famous or officer of a bank or a politician. But the truth is that the breach of privacy will be more complicated than this. To privacy is important even for the normal person, we’ll tell you the example of one very famous violation of privacy is “Facebook”.

Aims Facebook always and like any social service to study users and find out what they prefer in order to make you prolong the period you use them. So always experimenting on users without telling them that he is conducting an experiment on him. For example, in the period between August to October 2010, Facebook conducted a study to explore how to spread the news. This study was done by the 253 million users which is a huge number and confusing especially that the number of Facebook users at the time was roughly 550 million. There is another experiment in the same year performed on the 61 million people in 2012 conducted an experiment to 151 million people.

You might wonder how the experience of these experiments and what happens in it? Experiments in short is that Facebook monitors your behavior and then make adjustments on the pages News, News Feed and watch what’s changed in your style and interaction. Indeed, the site announced the discovery that we are affected by pulling of this trade but he said that in 2010 persuaded the 340 thousand people go to vote in the US election by using these experiences.

According to reports, the experiments already shown that we are affected by the site and thus formed our actions. For example, if a Facebook post is positive news, many in the “neo-Veda” and hide negative news so the result will be that we start we are also in the dissemination of positive news. And vice versa. No he’s talking in more and the sensation of our own (a certain percentage of course). And let’s imagine together. an example of another horror.

Imagine that there are elections to choose the president in the state said Facebook directly or through the intermediary support of a particular candidate; consequently he says to control in the news which show to you; shows you the positive news that is published about a candidate who supports and creates the bad news about. Then you find yourself with time to see the tons of negative news about a particular candidate shall be and positive about the other one free. In the end, winning in the elections the candidate who stood Facebook in the recipe…

If you feel that the above example is fictional it’s actually not an example, but what happened in the elections, former American scandal Facebook, and inquiries made to find out is the voltage that enter the Cambridge Analytica was Facebook intentionally, and he knows what you are doing or not. But the bottom line is that it happened and can be repeated (Facebook officially has a section to help the election campaigns in dozens of states in the best way to use it to support their candidate and reiterate that what is being “officially”)

Is iOS more protection for privacy than Android’s?

The easy answer to this question is “yes” and the answer is “maybe or no”. Android itself is not a weak system but it may sometimes be more protective of iOS. But there are factors that make iPhone more protective of privacy due to several factors among them, such as updates; when a loophole is discovered what each of Apple and Google shut it down, but that happens to iOS devices for 5 years previous Up update while Android is often more than 90% of his equipment is not up by this update. No we here, in front of a reality that says that both Apple and Google both close the gap which is supposed to level the two systems in safety; but the actual is not up update the largest sector of users of the Android build on it remain at risk… the second point that makes Apple more privacy protection is a complex system; Apple would prefer to be more aggressive in monitoring and stringent applications and limitations not consequently difficult to collect data from iOS unlike Android.

So why we mentioned that the actual answer is “maybe or no”.. because it simply is the user. It could be used iOS, but you download apps anonymous or barely or giving powers to any application access to any data you find yourself at risk; perhaps used Android but are watching what you download, and analysis of security applications to flow strongly in requests for access to data sent by applications that makes your phone safer from the first person. In the end, the style of Use be is the owner of the first resolution in the security and privacy and then comes after the operating system. If we compare the same person with the same usage in the two systems it is our view that iOS would be more privacy protection.

One last word

The protection of your privacy is up to you. you are the example of Facebook is a striking and powerful about the ability of large corporations to control us. Imagine what Google could do, and she knows where to go and have all of your photos and contacts you have. Imagine what can you do to Microsoft and you use the system as well as Apple. Maybe Apple and Microsoft are considered the least serious, mainly because the two that the data is not a source of income for them unlike Facebook, Google and Twitter, like who can make you love and remember to place a kitchen certain and thinking through the information that appears and which they’re hiding. Don’t skimp on a point of privacy and you think that you are stronger than their influence; they influence even without that you know.

Do you care about privacy and security and think before download any application or give powers? And you see that iOS does more to protect your privacy of Android is? Share your opinion in the comments

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