Does virtual reality technology on smartphones is dying?

Just three years ago, i.e. in 2016 in the conference phones global MWC or “Mobile World Congress”, the thousands of senior journalists met the two most influential people in the world wear the virtual reality glasses from Samsung, “Samsung’s Gear VR” to view a visual presentation stunned the audience. It was expected that the spread that technology widely and completely supported by the smart phones. Why didn’t you see any significant progress in this technology, like it’s struggling to survive?

After the expiration of the journalists to watch the video by wearing virtual reality glasses, the back of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, on stage and began to see that their presence on smart phones. It seemed to us after this conference we will see everyone wandering the streets they are wearing virtual reality glasses supported from their phones.

But in fact, within the last three years have forgotten most of that technology and looked like she was dying began to fade before exist.

There is no doubt that the technique of virtual reality technique has multiple advantages, especially when it is supported by developers serious about providing experiences impressive. Such as found in the organs of the HTC Vive, which was unveiled during the conference phones the world in 2015, and got this device since the announcement on 22 Award at the Consumer Electronics Show.

As well as the PlayStation VR.

Those devices people are actually using it in real life. As well as games that rely on virtual reality has its place too. Compare those devices with the Samsung Gear VR for augmented reality on phones, the Samsung device is almost dead already.

The reason for this failure to provide good content might attract the eyes of users, but the opposite happened he tilts the users the appearance of them to those devices so your content bad.

So why the failure of virtual reality for phones in the first place?

With the spread of the system of the Samsung Gear VRs because of the price of its product in the first place was my company, Google and Facebook were also present with “us of Facebook and many of Google devices” but in the end, open it for something important which apps and games strong enough to attract users.

What about augmented reality games AR?

Like it or not, the Games category is the most profitable. This is what drives the majority of users to enter and trade in the app stores, and as a result offers developers the general sophisticated constantly. And did not get any of the augmented reality games on such interest. And appears in this matter however my game Fortnite or Pokemon Go has got away with the stars of those games. So we see then games enhanced reality the fact attracts attention of the users. And even if some good games, they do not trade games that are played without the movement. This is not difficult to play those games in public places or in transport.

Do you buy apple second opinion?

Apple made a great support to provide augmented reality in the iOS system has developed a written ARKit specific to that technique. But in recent times has been pointing fingers towards the apple she didn’t make anything new about that technique until now. Nevertheless, it is believed that Apple is planning something big in the field of augmented reality technology. Dealt with the news that Apple met secretly with the glass makers own system of augmented reality during the CES conference 2019 in the period between 8 and 11 January, and on top of that companies DigiLens and Vuzix and Lumus of the biggest names in this field. This is the hints over the past years that Apple is working on a product that fits this description, of the registration of patents related to that technology. Last year, Apple bought a company Arkonia Holographics, an emerging company working to develop lenses own headphones AR AR.

As usual, don’t believe any official information about the augmented reality glasses AR from Apple, due to the complexity of the project, it is unlikely that we see emerging in the next two years.

Do you think that virtual reality technology for smartphones has already expired? Whether you’re interested in that technology? Tell us in the comments.


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