Dogs extend the life of their owners

According to a new study published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, as well as meta-analysis, based on many studies, the life expectancy of dog owners more than owners of other Pets. The presence of four-legged friend in your home also helps to improve the cardiovascular system, especially after suffering a heart attack or stroke, as well as those who live alone.

The dog — man’s best friend. Thanks to them we live longer

How Pets affect your health?

In the past scientists have routinely carried out surveys again and again testified to the fact that loneliness and lack of exercise negatively affect the health. During the above-mentioned studies about dog owners, experts have wondered how the dog affects the health of patients. In addition, previous studies also showed that the presence of a dog reduces social isolation, increases physical activity and reduces blood pressure. These data led researchers to the conclusion that the best friends of man have a positive effect on cardiovascular health, compared with owners of other Pets.

In the study, researchers decided to compare the health status of the owners of dogs and other Pets, as well as those who have no Pets. It was found that patients with the dog the risk of death after hospitalization resulting from heart attack was lower by 33% than among patients without a dog. Thus, the risk of death for patients who lived with a partner, a child and a dog was lower by 15% compared to the same conditions, but without man’s best friend. But for dog owners who have had a stroke, death risk after hospitalisation decreased by 27% and 12% lower in single patients and patients living with a partner, a child and a dog.

Walking the dog in the Park — the best medicine

Conducted a meta-analysis showed similar research results. For the analysis the researchers studied nearly 4 million patient data derived from ten independent studies. The obtained results stipulate that dog owners after a heart attack the risk of death was reduced by 65% and 31% as a result of the problems associated with cardiovascular disease. Dog owners in General are dying by 24% less than others.

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Do I need to get a dog?

According to Glenn Levine, PhD American heart Association studies have provided high quality evidence that a dog in your home reduces the risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease. However, he stressed that non-randomized studies can not 100% prove that life with a dog lead to decrease in risk of premature death, however, the obtained data testify to it.

The relationship with the pet needs to be built on mutual respect

According to the Professor of Uppsala University, Professor at Uppsala University, D. Tove fall, it is known that social isolation is a significant risk factor in health and premature death. According to him, the contents of the dog provides the best motivation for physical activity, which is an integral part of rehabilitation and mental health.

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So, if you don’t know whether to get a dog or not, be sure to note that it is quite healthy solution. Of course, from the point of view of animal protection, dogs should be purchased only by people who really love them and want to give your pet a beautiful and happy life.

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