Dogs will fly into space. Why?

All dogs go to heaven. But on the way there, some of them may one day have to make a stop aboard the International space station (ISS). At least this idea was made by American scientists, who offered to return to the practice of sending four-legged friends into Earth’s orbit. According to researchers, they can be of great benefit. But what?

Animals in space

In the last century, when space exploration was in its infancy, to send man into space was very dangerous. It was not clear how the space environment affects humans (and living organisms). In order to avoid unnecessary risks and not endanger human life, as “forced volunteers” in space sent different animals. Including dogs. We have, incidentally, has an interesting article on this subject. Today, large animals (if not to take into account humans) into space is not sent. Among the living organisms on Board the ISS are mainly a variety of bacteria, plants, and rodents. Basic research is conducted with people, because we have the task of colonizing other planets and moons of the Solar system. Before to do this, you need to understand how long-term presence in space will affect people’s health.

Why, then, again to send dogs into space, you ask? The most obvious use from being sent to the space station four-legged friends is the ability to cuddle and caress, having your nerves or improving mood. Working in space is very difficult and stressful. The crews of the station need to be able to relax. Having a dog on Board to help you.

However, the main purpose of sending dogs on the ISS is the opportunity to diversify human microbiomes during long missions in earth orbit.

What is the microbiome?

Microbiomes is the set of all the microorganisms that live in the body and on the body. These microorganisms are in different places of the human body and perform important functions necessary for our health. They are unique from person to person, and their number can change under the impact of certain activities, such as washing hands, brushing teeth, or taking medications. Disruption of the functions of these microorganisms may lead to the development of various diseases. For example, intestinal bacteria help us to digest and absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. Bacteria the mouth protect the mouth from harmful organisms. Skin bacteria help to protect us from various skin diseases.

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Why do dogs in space?

In General, on the International space station is quite clean. But, of course, has its settlement of microbes. Scientists say that the opportunity to diversify the microbiomes of people on Board the orbital station through contact with Pets can increase protection from various types of diseases. Dogs can transmit to man beneficial microbes that help the body people how to work in space.

And even earlier, scientists have found that dogs can sense cancer in humans. The experiments showed that dogs are capable of an accuracy of 96.7 percent to determine lung cancer, up to 99 percent accuracy prostate cancer and 88 percent of thyroid cancer. A good detector sores, which you can still play. It seems that dogs really go with the person to conquer other worlds.

However, it is not clear how scientists plan to solve the issues of possible psychological stress the animals themselves. This will require separate consideration. The man realizes that he is in microgravity. Whether aware are animals? I hope that the welfare of four-legged companions will think more than in the early experiments when they are sent into space.

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