Domino — the legendary Board game is performed by Ketchapp

Domino — the game of my childhood. Usually it can be found in the courtyards of the old quarters, and such battles are loud enough. The developers Ketchapp want to change this tradition. Now bones will be associated with a mobile application Dominowhere you have to show the wonders of reaction.

Domino — Paradise perfectionists. The developers explain that the name of perfectly aligned dominoes, which are a joy to watch. Yes, put the bones in a certain sequence in the game don’t have. Here the emphasis is on the fall.

The rules of the game explains the short learning mode. Dominoes fall evenly, and we need to support this process. Once the queue goes to the place with missing bone, tap on the screen and insert the missing part. You have to click on time — if you do this, sooner or later, will have to start the race again.

Ideal for getting get prizes.

Further, the game pleases with the change of colors, landscapes, and variations of dominoes. Latest 47. Skins rasplachivayutsya in the special menu.

For variety, rotate the wheel of fortune and get a reward in the form of ingots of gold.

The game is fun and simple at the same time. This means that Domino will rescue a boring couple or will help to reduce travel on public transport for work. With the onset of autumn it is especially important.

App: Domino
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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