Donald trump again has allowed Huawei to use Android

Huawei can continue to use American technology indefinitely, the publication of Huawei Central, citing a statement by Donald trump. The US President took the decision following the meeting with the head of China XI Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Trump acknowledged that US companies play an important role in the production of Huawei, and therefore depriving the latter of access to technologies produced by local companies, could become fatal for her.

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The decision of Donald trump on “the pardon” effectively means the removal of all Huawei sanctions that the US imposed on it this spring. As a result, the company will be able not only to buy American components for the production of their products, but use software developers from the USA. Thus, users of smartphones Huawei will retain access to apps like Facebook and Instagram, and – more importantly – the operating system Android.

Huawei and Android

“I agreed to let them [the partners of Huawei USA] to work with Huawei, because the American company was dissatisfied with the decision on a ban on trade [with Huawei]. The fact that the United States Huawei sell large volumes of components for its products, and it’s absolutely fine. So we decided that we will let them continue to promote mutual trade,” — said Donald trump.

Now Huawei will have to make a choice that will affect her fate. On the one hand, the Chinese managed to defend their right to cooperation with American companies, and therefore, the easiest way is to do nothing and simply continue to use best practices of companies from the United States. But, on the other hand, nothing prevents Donald Trump to renew the sanctions, and then Huawei definitely not be good.

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