Donald Trump confirms that American companies will continue to sell their own technologies to buy Huawei

Huawei Company

He said US President Donald Trump that allows corporate America to continue to deal with Huawei, the clear after the initial discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Incorporated the Ministry of Commerce and the American company Huawei in the Black List during the past month, which means that it does not allow American companies to sell components and technologies own the Chinese company without a license, despite the fact that many companies Nauru this prohibition in several ways. Come the statements of Trump at the time you agreed which is and Xi Jinping to hold a truce commercial during the group of twenty summit in Osaka, Japan yesterday, Friday.

The American president said at a press conference during the group of twenty summit in Japan : ” I have agreed to allow the purchase of our – as you know, job, I like to tell our companies to sell things to other people, so I allowed that to happen. This is a very complex thing and not easy – these are not things easily approved “.

He added : ” There are very few companies capable of doing this, but with the huge amount of money. It was our companies very upset, these companies are major companies we all know. But she wasn’t completely satisfied with it. But we allow it because it wasn’t relevant to national security “. As a result, allowed Donald Trump is now for American companies to appealing their dealings with corporate America.

It seems that the statements of Donald Trump’s contrary to the ban imposed by the Ministry of Commerce of America, and refused to confirm that he will remove the company Huawei officially off the Black List. He said that Huawei will become a new theme at the end of trade talks with China that was announced by saying : ” Huawei site is complex, we call the police in the end, we’ll see where we go with the agreement trade. “

And, when pressed to answer whether he will remove Huawei from the Black List, replied Donald Trump by saying : ” I don’t want to talk about it now, we look at it very carefully. Huawei plays a large role with respect to our country in terms of the intelligence community and intelligence. We know a lot about Huawei, but I don’t want to mention it now, I just think it’s inappropriate. We don’t make it not what I told you … we will postpone this to a later time “.

Washington to ban Huawei on the basis of concerns related to national security, and is a tool to relieve the trade dispute between China and the United States of America. The company Huawei has reported earlier that put them in the black list of the United States will have billions of consumers, and they pose a threat to national security.

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