Donald Trump criticizes the EU decision to impose fines on Google

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دونالد ترامب ينتقد قرار الاتحاد الأوروبي بفرض غرامات على جوجل

Criticized US President Donald Trump on Thursday the European Union depending on the fine of antitrust imposed on the company Google andthe $ 5 million, it said, the Union benefited from the United States, and officials of the European Union has demanded the giant sea on Wednesday to stop using the operating system of its mobile famous android for its competitors, which increases trade tensions between Washington and Brussels.

The President took Trump to the platform Twitter to Tweet about the European decision, saying: “the European Union imposed a fine worth five million dollars on one of our large companies, namely Google. I have benefited really from the United States, but that won’t last long”, in an interview aired by CBS CNN, described the trump of the European Union as “the enemy” in relation to trade.

He said two former members of bodies of the Antimonopoly it’s unusual to know the officials on the decisions taken by law enforcement in other jurisdictions, where said gene Queen Gene Kimmelman, an employee of a veteran earlier in the Ministry of Justice is currently in the group Public Knowledge: “this is totally counterproductive. Whether you like the outcome or not, it is the application of the law in Europe, and we don’t like to interfere anybody in law enforcement in the United States, and my that this doesn’t benefit Google or anyone else.”

One William kovacic William Kovacic, former chairman of the Federal Trade, which is studying in the Faculty of law at the University of George Washington, it is unusual, but unheard of before, and it was former US President Barack Obama has said in 2015 that the European Union was sometimes driven by the commercially more than any other thing in relation to his comments with us technology companies, including Google.

It was Vice President Al Gore Al Gore took over in 1997 the issue of criticism of the European Union in relation to the planned merger between the Boeing Company and Boeing and McDonnell Douglas McDonnell Douglas, saying that the United States is watching the result of the Union of the European Union very carefully, a deal that closed in August 1997.

Supposed to meet Jean-Claude Juncker Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, with Donald Trump at the White House next Wednesday to discuss trade issues and others, Google said on its part it would appeal the EU decision, and the value of the fine current nearly double the fine of the former, which was ordered to pay her last year, but they accounted for more than two weeks only from the proceeds of the parent company that.

Came fine after that, said Margaret, her Margrethe Vestager, the EU Commissioner for competition, that Google might use system run mobile phones to strengthen its dominance as a search engine and stifle innovation and competition in a way that is legal under European Union rules to combat fraud.

Warned Google that the Android system may not remain free because of the sanctions of the European Union, which in turn try to change the business model open-source operating system, said in a statement: “the ecosystem of vibrant innovation and rapid and low prices are of the classic features strong competition. Android create more options for everyone, not less”.

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