Don’t ask Google Assistant to dial the number for you, and that’s why

Despite the limited functionality of the voice assistant, with the many tasks they somehow manage. For example, it is very convenient to use them to jot down reminders, set alarms or, for example, dial someone’s number without touching the smartphone or at least not performing these actions manually. But if you set an alarm or reminder problems in General, no, the function call using the Google Assistant can be of concern to you.

Google Assistant

As the experts found out the Better Business Bureau, scammers have learned to spoof the phone numbers of organizations that users are searching on the Internet more often. For this purpose, different lengths, including advertising. Practice shows that often Google gladly take advertising even organizations clones, bringing in top search queries, their contact information, among which there are phone numbers.

Problem Google Assistant

The danger of this practice are obvious. When a user asks Google Assistant to call in “Sberbank”, “Aeroflot” or “Russian Railways”, the voice assistant first accesses the phone book of a smartphone if it does not find the desired number, makes the request to Google where it can give out a fake. As a result, the smartphone causes the fraudsters who, posing as real employees of the organization, get the victim’s personal data.

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Won’t strike fear: to fall for the bait swindlers threatens not all users. This must match several factors. First, the fraudsters need to promote in the Google search precisely the organization that you need to get through. And, secondly, it is necessary that the user is not looking at the screen when Google Assistant dials the number, and didn’t see him. However, you should always follow a few simple rules that will ensure your safety.

How not to fall for the bait scams

We would recommend you not to entrust Assistant Google search of phone you need organization on the Internet. Much more reliable from this point of view to place it in the phone memory, so the assistant had to it quickly and was forced to appeal to the search engines.

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If the numbers are still not in your contacts list, do not be lazy and find the site you need organization, there is sure to be a phone where you can call. And because many make clickable contact numbers, you will simply click on it and agree to make a call.

Well, make it a rule not to disclose confidential information to the source immediately, even if you call the Bank. The fact that banks have long do not require passport details and other personal information for caller ID. As a result, you should be alerted if the operator asks you is code words to inform the passport number or the maiden name of my grandmother.

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