DoodleLens: new applications of augmented reality “AR” on the Android

Become augmented reality “AR” these days many uses, whether for fun or for education etc., continues to develop and improve by leaps and bounds.

Now you can re-graphics or logos to life and use them to add a little flair to the photos and videos thanks to the new app DoodleLens.

جديد تطبيقات الواقع المُعزز "AR" على أندرويد

The concept of this app, the app concept and the other Just a Line with Google, but instead of scribbling on the screen, you can spend some time to create graphics more detailed on paper and apply many modifications and animation on them.

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In respect of the possibility to use, the application DoodleLens very simple, where after approval of the requests for the permissions, you will notice you have your camera open, three butons.

The first button copies what you see on the cameras of graphics and logos.

The second button, it captures the videos from the graphics found in your environment the right way.

The second is the menu opens, I have to be the focus of the biggest is the button version first.

So all you have only, is to be sure to put the graphics in front of your phone, then click Copy.

Here is the amazing app in the discovery of what is official and what is background, so is the numbering of the drawings and store them on the spot.

With his support to change the color and the reflected version more by clicking the paste in the real world.

Also don’t worry about the location and direction when pasting, so you can always click it to select it and destroy it and change its size or delete it or repeat it in the scene.

As it is possible to repeat the same process with many of the graphics that you want, and even use the situation of women developed to improve the graphics.

By taking successive copies of different graphics, to store application DoodleLens all the graphics in the menu.

Once you’ve done that, you can capture a screen shot or clicking to capture the scene in a video clip, show how the movement of the graphics or how they remain in place even after the period.

Finally, and, alas, the application DoodleLens is not free, it is available for download at a price of$ 1.99 on the store Google Play.

Put in mind that DoodleLens platform uses ARCore so should your device supports this product to work the application with you.

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