DOOM Eternal will be released on 22 November

Was DOOM Eternal is the title of the most importance of which sought to address the differential a lot of players during the press conference to Bethesda within the actualities of the E3 event 2019 fortunately I didn’t scare the company hopes to learn more of the details, they have dedicated a large part of the time does not guarantee a demo full game.

Usually the demo is more what it is to take care of him, and it includes exactly what can be expected of the players of the game, it’s brutal and bloody and messy and full of fire, along some nature of the game.

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As has also been disclosed for the developed cooperative play, which would be called Battle Mode, in addition to the emphasis on the release date and to be in the 22 of November on all platforms, PS4, and Xbox One, and PC and Nintendo Switch and Stadia.


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