Doom game is coming to iOS later this year, register here to get them free

If you are a fan of Doom game, you may get the chance to play it on iOS later this year for free.

Will not be launching the game directly on the operating system iOS, but the company Bethesda Softworks want to help you choose the service to broadcast new games.

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Mentioned special report of the site TNWthat the company want to test the framework significantly improves the broadcast play and experience, and opted for Doom to do this. The test will initially exclusively for iOS devices.

Pointed the site to that technology Orion your company is working on improving the performance of cloud gaming, in order to reduce access time by up to 20% for each frame, as well as reduce bandwidth requirements and up to 40%.

Will Bethesda test Orion public by allowing players to broadcast the game evil Doom that has been launched in 2016, on iOS devices – without installing the game locally; it will not support this technique on Android and PC soon after. Don’t expect to play on many of the initial experience.

You can register here for.

The good news for Apple is that the company does not require to launch a live streaming service for games to compete with the Apple Arcade. Instead, it hopes to sell the technology for other games to evaluate the use of data and improve performance.

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