Doubled the number of victims applications to clean the computers, counterfeit in one year

Experts discovered Kaspersky’s rise has doubled in the number of users who are attacked using the application of false claims to “clean” systems on their devices, but in reality it is a software possibility designed to trick users to pay for fix the problem of the alleged influence of computers.

The number of users who were exposed to the process of this service 1,456,219 in the first half of 2019, compared to 747,322 level only during the same period of last year. Has become some of these attacks more sophisticated and dangerous during this period.

The slow computer or poor performance, a common complaint among users of personal computers, while there are many of proper tools available to solve these problems. But there, next to the cleaning tools original sound systems, and other tools a fake developed by a professional designed it to trick users and make them think that their computers are in danger is caused by excessive load on the memory, for example, and they need to be cleaned immediately. It presents the attackers to provide this service for repayment of financial value in return. This; can solutions Kaspersky identified this software and detected as “cleaning products contrary to regulations”.

She explained Kaspersky that fraudsters have proven; and upon receiving the user’s permission and repay the required amount, a fake claim that they clean the computer, but they don’t do something often, or they install software ad launches on the device storm annoying – but not dangerous – of unwanted ads. But the cybercriminals began to increasingly resort to install cleaning tools fake download malware or hide them, like horses or a software ransom.

Show the countries affected by the attacks of the “cleaning tools fake” this in the first half of the year 2019 breadth of the threat geographically; the top of the Japanese list with a market share of 12% of users affected, followed by Germany, Belarus, Italy, by 10% each, then Brazil by 9%.

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Said the (area Ovchinnikov) – a security researcher has Kaspersky: the company has been over the past two years, watching how they get married by the phenomenon of cleaning tools and systems, considering it “a strange threat,” he added, explaining: “on the one hand, produce many specimens that we saw on a wider scale and become more serious, and birds of the scheme “fraudulent” simple to software malicious full and dangerous. On the other hand, they are widespread look innocent, making it easier to trick users to pay money for a service, rather than intimidate them using the tools of blocking the screen and other malicious software that works through intimidation. However, these ways result the same; a loss of users for their money”.

And solutions Kaspersky for this software names the following: Hoax.Win32.PCFixer, and Hoax.Win32.PCRepair, and Hoax.Win32.DeceptPCClean, and Hoax.Win32.Optimizer, and Hoax.MSIL.Optimizer.

To avoid becoming a victim of threats and deceptive, it is recommended that researchers of Kaspersky users to always check that the computer services personal sound and clear before they are downloaded and used. If it looked confusing, you can resort to search engine to find out more about the service, as there may be a more detailed explanation.

Researchers recommend using a reliable security solution for comprehensive protection with the function of cleaning the system and get rid of a wide range of threats, such as: Kaspersky Security Cloud, and specifically to a tool for the implementation of the computer, the user recourse to reliable sources of technical information to get recommendations by subject, including reviews.

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