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Featuring chat services and free chat on application alwats August with total privacy and the quality of nurses provided by the constantly app users , and businesses and small enterprise development of social media business and corporate of the door to get the best privacy and the best quality spices without any difficulty or effort from the users , now officially launched a company Facebook application Whatsapp new corporate and business whatsapp business , Read this topic from our site how technique to learn more on the features of the application fact Special Account companies and projects whatsapp business and how can businesses use it .

Application WhatsApp for whatsapp business

WhatsApp Business is a new application of WhatsApp has been released to exchange instant messages separately for small businesses can communicate with their customers and their employees .

The app is free and can be downloaded and used easily as it allows companies to respond quickly to staff and providing them with communications are free and unlimited , and let them know every update action and follow-up of the most important tasks and decisions

Also called a WhatsApp for business companies to review the results and feed back metrics such as the number of messages and follow-up to staff or customers because Productions company and negotiate with them in conversations .

And it’s through this app you will be able to owners of acts scarce to use Update WhatsApp for business and regular in the application of the two separate entirely on the phone itself.

And or modern in the new version of the application WhatsApp to your company and business is that it will allow the user to connect his account with the telephone number of fixed (landline), so it avoids the workpiece Holder to give his personal number to hundreds of clients.

You can install a spying app on my WhatsApp Business besides the personal app of WhatsApp on the same phone, or merge two accounts with one application, or can work on and install this app on phone to app on phone another, , all the options are available without restrictions.

What is the importance of owning a delicate business on the fact a father?

As we mentioned on each company or a small project that uses the application of Watts August ad hoc business, whether between employees or with customers , that it constitutes an incentive for employees interesting and more work, and constantly communicate follow-up and waiting for the application is important , too, is very important in communication with customers to plan strong balance between product and users and to obtain feedback for the quality of the services or products of the project and try to improve him and develop it constantly .

Featuring the accounts of WhatsApp Paisley its ability to separate the personal life from the professional, will also help the user to organize and keep a schedule of daily tasks, which offers the advantage not to give the figure of personal and private for many persons, strangers, and provide a copy of Watts August work settings offer the possibility to set some automatic replies to customers, and customize personal profiles for users of the app.

And with the passage of time, you will have some corporate accounts and confirmed after making sure that the phone number of the account matches the phone number of the business activity , companies can use WhatsApp Business contact with users of the application WhatsApp ordinary naturally as it is certified, so that there is no need to download WhatsApp and download it separately to deal with the customers or users of WhatsApp regular .

And you will be able to users the fact the father in the case of their dealings with account WhatsApp commercial instead of a normal person and are rated the account as the businessman or business account .

Company expects WhatsApp to exploit some people copy WhatsApp Businessweek The aim of fraud, fraud through fake accounts impersonating the company, therefore, warned WhatsApp users be sure well before you communicate with any account, the company said that the official accounts will not ask you never via WhatsApp for any information from you, such as “ e-mail or bank account ”.

What’s the difference between whatsapp and Whatsapp Business?

شرح الفروقات بين الواتساب العادي و واتساب الاعمال والحساب التجاري
Explain the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and commercial speech

Features the application of Watts August for the new traditional version or the regular application of Watts August whatsapp messenger with a different sense of logo application of traditional knowledge, where women own design the same year to investigate the abduction of a reference business (B) Business , instead of the phone icon famous, and if you want to know the difference between your WhatsApp account to the traditional account WhatsApp Businessweek, enough to go to the personal account within the app, and will save you the type of account you have and will show some differences .

But to activate the WhatsApp for business find that his work is not so different from the official app of individuals turning to the profile you will notice a huge difference in the view with a large image or big logo branded on behalf of your company with the Enable of documenting this account mark of Health to be indistinguishable on it’s trading account .

توثيق الحساب التجاري في Whatsapp business
Documenting the trade account in Whatsapp and business

In addition to options at the top to enable you to present your company’s identity professionally as a postal address, geographical location, and means of communication and e-mail addresses and details of business interest to you as God on the customer messages and schedule messages promotional.

The Auto-Reply feature in WhatsApp works

App it many advantages which you receive the possibility of creating an account an integrated work or the company providing service users more privacy when they talk to you, and that refers to social networking sites including Facebook, that there is no privacy in business that are available to me in the comments as an example that can read it a lot, and make you always in contact with users and consumers.

And now in the Whatsapp Business you can set up an automatic reply when you are not around, and quick response to customers also through the creation of shortcuts in the panel write to send letters certified, and the other is the design specification which enables you to organize users and messages to quickly find them later, in addition to it’s now you can surround users with messages greetings special.

عمل الرد التلقائي و امكانية تقييم الحساب التجاري
The work of auto-reply and the possibility of evaluating the trade account

The most prominent representative in the application WhatsApp Business :

The interface and settings

The application of Watts August for one WhatsApp normal the same , but when you move to the settings, the new options highlighted in the settings of a commercial activity, that allows to :

Update profile picture and company name and define their field of action .

اعدادات الحساب التجاري
Your WhatsApp account business

In addition to its website and working hours.

تحديد مجال عمل الشركة
Determine the area of police work.

With the possibility of adding a voice message answering machine times defined by users outside always .

حساب تجاري في whatsapp business
Trading account in whatsapp and business

As well as the statistics that show the number of messages received and sent and read accurately for use in the statistics of customer service.

Different ways to manage accounts

Although the app is put up separately on the App Store as WhatsApp’s business, it will be for owners accounts business multiple options to manage accounts.

Spent the first option Create a new account on WhatsApp works only, no integrated phone number for your business account on WhatsApp. This is considered the most appropriate option in case you do not think on WhatsApp and to exercise any other activities.

The third option allows you to download the application WhatsApp regular, and to apply WhatsApp works on the phone itself, connecting with each application number, my phone is different, whether you use the mobile number or the number of the ground.

The last option in the download application of WhatsApp for business on the phone application WhatsApp regular on another phone, what helps you in the complete separation between personal activity and business activity.

Download WhatsApp latest version Whatsapp Messenger 2018

When you download WhatsApp and Whatsapp 2018 you’ll find it added many features that I found to impress the users of WhatsApp after the other issue was launched features like drawing and writing on photos before sending them through WhatsApp just as it is a feature story on Instagram, which seeks through its company risk to steal users Snapchat being the first program that did this idea collect millions about it

I update WhatsApp has added a feature brought about a change and stir between conversational applications and instant chat , in order to add a feature the possibility to undo sent messages alwats August to prevent arguments and problems and to be able to delete the message from all parties to the conversation or the people involved .

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