Download and update WhatsApp Plus version v6.65 supporting posters

واتساب بلس

Application WhatsApp Plus version that works on developing the “Riffa” is or version from among the versions amended, which is developed on the structure of the version store 2.18.327 supportive posters.

There is no longer a don’t the benefits of the premium version modified of WhatsApp and the importance of those advantages which will be mentioned again quoting from the developer.

The advantages of the versions amended from WhatsApp

  • Hide last appearance on friends in full with the property of masking up reading where I woke up the receipt and writing and running and the masking you did run the audio clip link you. And you’ve shared it the case of your friend’s Story.
  • The possibility to change the font type for your application.
  • A property security status pin can’t open the app without it as well as put a secret number that can’t open the conversation without me.
  • Safe and against the ban can ban the user number from WhatsApp.
  • Prevent rings due account of the reduced quality of pictures sent and the effect on its accuracy.
  • Contains new rhythms, including the rhythms of notifications and alerts through partner excited.
  • You can send the video to the large sizes.
  • Can change the color of the text of the message .
  • Increase the number of letters in the personal situation with the availability to change the Font color .
  • Change the theme default and you can choose from a wide range of wonderful designs available on store themes for your application.
  • Gives users the freedom to copy and paste situation that expresses who you are. plus the possibility of doing the picture of your display.
  • You can share photos and videos without having to download them .
  • Feature added counter for messages in the garage common to see more enemies interaction in the garage.
  • You can send more than 100 images at once.
  • The possibility to save the state of friends in WhatsApp Plus whatsapp plus whether it’s video or image and save it in studio direct.
  • You can hide you’ve seen the case of friends of the Privacy Options from the top menu.
  • With property hide last appearance, no one could watch you connected to the Online final and will not shows the date last seen and no one will know you’re connected even while you’re on WhatsApp.
  • With masking health II can’t sent messages to know you received the message.
  • Hide health the blue can’t the sender of the message know you have read the message, but in return you know he’s read the letters.
  • Masking recording when recording an audio clip.
  • The masking signal operating it can the sender know you listened to the audio section.
  • You can with the application WhatsApp Plus run version two WhatsApp on one device.
  • You can see the condition of people without access to the conversation , connected to, or the last appearance of the main screen.

The advantages of the update version v6.65 WhatsApp Plus

  • The update is based on the proportion of the store 2.18.327.
  • Activation feature posters and Stickers you can now download the poster of the mouthpiece and use it in the chat
  • Add reference in case someone has the work of the mention @ you or reply to your Messages in the group
  • Will not show the redirected when the other party in the event that you do re-routing for a message
  • Developed a feature to stop receiving calls so that you can stop it without showing the other side to your phone in the resonance mode.
  • Add the option number to 1.2.2 which you can copy part of any message easily.
  • You can now pass the message from the left to the right to answer them Swipe.
  • Activate the feature to save Reading place where when you open a conversation earlier timing of when a particular word will appear directly when you enter the conversation again.
  • Activate conference calls
  • Activation of the feature image within the image
  • Add the option to the number 6.8 for the two cities to notice after pressing the deleted messages
  • Support change Thi section posters
  • The removal of the minimum work to re-direct users of the state of India

Links to download the versions of WhatsApp Plus v6.65 and apply stickers plus from the developer’s site

+WhatsApp version don’t correspond with the devices that contain WhatsApp officially comes pre-installed, but it is compatible with all devices and an alternative to the official app.

Download the special edition from the application of the stickers plus compatible with copy +WhatsApp
WhatsApp+ Stickers

WhatsApp+2 secondary copy compatible with all devices including those that contain WhatsApp official, what you can when you install this version of the activation process number for the second to become the you have 2 WhatsApp all works with special.

Download the special edition from the application of the stickers plus is compatible with the version of WhatsApp+2
WhatsApp+2 Stickers

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Download and update WhatsApp Plus version v6.65 supporting posters

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