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Download App Gallery Go for Android One of the most important applications of Google images, through this software on your Android phone you can arrange all your photos and description to any image you want from within the search application.

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Differs this app from the gallery of your phone in the speed of access to the pages and not removed from the program only will you and you for the option to delete the photo, the new version of this app has improved more from the previous and other advantages over the previous version for the same app, the Google Photos app is not just applied to the photo, but is the organization of all of your pics and I tried not to, therefore when you have lost any picture you can refer to the application and retrieve him.

On the application Gallery Go

Open source application enjoy with area not limited to the images and make a backup copy not on the application, this software Mini for Android through will not worry ever lost your photos or remove them accidentally you know the voice on the phone, which enables you to feature access to the backup images so you can retrieve all of deleted pictures as is without a problem with that.

With the application of the photo Google you won’t find a large consumption in the resources of the phone where it’s of its advantages are wonderful to provide more space on the phone and reduced the phone’s data so that they do not run backup of the application a big space on your phone.

Features and Gallery Go Android

  • Improve blurry images automatically.
  • Contains a set of special tools to edit images with professional.
  • The possibility to save the images and make a backup copy and not when you need.
  • Supports the transfer and download images from SD cards .
  • New version supports Dark Mode
  • The size of the stomach in the application does not occupy a big space of the program at all.
  • Gallery app, Go light on the phone and therefore does not cause heaviness in the public space to your phone.
  • Arrange the pictures by name or character the form of folders.
  • The gallery application from Google supports work on Android version 8.0 and more recent.

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The most important advantages of applying Google Images

One of the most important advantages available in the application gallery of Google is the possibility of working without internet

Thus can a person do to manage all photos, videos, and even stored without a network connection.

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Download application Google Images



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