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If you’re a fan filming videos and modify them but don’t know which applications you have used to take out videos, professional review of your Android phone. So we are coming today with a link to download the application KineMaster latest version for Android. This app giant the most terrific of which is available on the many features never dreamed of before that are available inside your Android phone.

The Ken master the best specialized applications to download on the videos professionally and application foremost in this thing. The app is available on many of the most fascinating perhaps the most notable is that in spite of its small size but it provides you with tools awesome, here are the highlights of the application KineMaster:

  • Merge the videos with some
  • Put images or texts on video
  • The ability to cut or heart of videos with customized size
  • Check in the video settings (such as brightness level, color correction, shadows,….Etc.)
  • Gives you options to speed up or slow down video
  • The possibility to control the volume level of the video
  • Put effects on video (like vanish, reappear, transfer window, etc)
  • Available on hundreds of themes and GIFs and forms of different texts and effects more than wonderful
  • Available options to watch videos on social networking sites
  • Supportive to export videos as well as photos with apply effects directly during export operations.

Download app KineMaster latest version for Android

The program features Ken master that he is supportive of many of the formats videos different but can exactly say that he was supportive of the highlights of any videos that are common to everyone are:

  • MP4 and 3GP, and MOV to various consultation our Encoding

As for the sound it is supportive for the following images:

  • MP3 and M4A, and AAC and WAV

While it is supportive for the following images:

  • JPG and JPEG and WebP and the PNG and BMP as well as GIF animations

As for highlights of the updates that have been launched and made available in the latest version are as follows:

  • Added Edit menu for colors
  • Provide a list of side to choose the filter color to apply to the videos directly
  • Provide a list (watch the video on social networking sites)
  • The possibility of slow down video up to 8 times the speed of its original

Download app KineMaster – Google Play Store

Download app KineMaster direct link – APK file

Explain the application of KineMaster for Android

In the past he can edit the videos using computers, but I can apply KineMaster that end this issue completely, as it provided the possibility of amendment on the videos through the use of only your mobile phone or your Android device. Where it provided all the tools to get videos professionally and in the following paragraphs, we look forward to explain the development of Ken master is simplified and fast website visitors cart costs valued customers.

Considers the application of the Ken master the best specialized applications to rely on the videos at all, as it is rich in hundreds of filters and effects through its enormous library and makes it available free for Android phones so you can output your videos to professional high.

How to cut videos

The Ken master on a wonderful tool to cut videos in a series, in the beginning you will need to choose a video from gallery Your as follows:

  1. Click on the following icon as picture below
  2. Select the video to be the story of the studio.
  3. Immediately your choice of the video click on the sign “headquarters” to be able to tweak the video how you want
  4. Click on the video in conditions down to become the color yellow
  5. Using scissors cut the video to the part that you want.

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How to put transition effects to videos

The process of adding transition effects to the video more than easy in particular inside the application of Ken master unlike the rest of the other applications, then choose and identify your video from the studio for natural hair. But this time make sure that you choose the most of video let’s call the effects of the transfer. As for how to add effects and transitions follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the box between the videos in the video
  2. Click on the option effects of the transitions from the side menu
  3. Select the transition effect to be placed
  4. Click on the check mark up there.
  5. In case you want to preview the video then transition to him in the tape, and then restart it via the power button to start the effect

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How to do audio commentary on the videos

The commentary voice leading things required in recently, where they so badly need owners channels YouTube. Just to add a comment of my voice all you have to do is select your video from the studio to put the audio commentary on it and then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the icon “mic”
  2. To Start Recording Voice click on the start button to Start
  3. Immediately after the start of the registration process you will notice the sound level is above the “start” button to make sure it works properly
  4. After completion click on the stop button Stop
  5. In the side menu you can (preview the audio section, or even re-recorded)
  6. It is the bottom bar you can specify where you want to put your comment sound it in the video

You can modification the images such as placing filters, or adjust the volume or even the story through the pressure of the video down to show you the rest of the options own

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