Download app Lobo live loops live 2018 to broadcast video directly to Android and iPhone

Download the program broadcast direct Lobo live loops live download

Away from social networks to traditional that offer feature Live streaming video that’s like Facebook and live feed on Instagram and also on Twitter through the periscope and a number of services to the other famous there are also applications built on this idea and allows users to broadcast video to friends and fans and their fans in case they were of celebrities and public figures , such as the lobby live loops live with his services and his ideas possible that are of interest and benefit celebrities and anyone who wishes to open a live video streaming from mobile , And a lot of users Lopez live they can profit by his money and that depending on the size of the audience that watch it , know more on the features of the broadcast program is possible direct Lobo live loops live and download it through the download links loops on the bottom of this subject from the position of how technology .

About the application of direct broadcast loops

Application Lopez live loops live is the name of the last attracted attention during the last a wave for anyone who wants to broadcast video and live video is primarily geared towards mobile users, which is the development of the company RINGS.TV Dev.

Download Loops Live broadcast live video Android, is the application of the most famous applications direct broadcast, exclusive, and you can start broadcasting live video and share it with users through comments by users express their mind in a subject that you have deployed already, the app is a messenger social provided by the developer of the cart from which you can watch Live streaming of the individuals you want to communicate and interact with them.

The application Loops Live available for free and supports Android and faith, and through it the user can broadcast directly via the app or website to everyone and from all over the world, in addition to the possibility of users interact with live video in the application Lauper live.

In the Middle East is this app one of the fastest applications developed and widespread in the Arab world, confirmed this by saying:

We are the very first live streaming platform aiming for Middle East users, translated in Arabic we’re the first platform to broadcast direct targeting users of the Middle East, and indeed this is clear also from the spread between Arab celebrities these days.

For this you can find one of the characters turns on, it will broadcast a new video of her on Lopez live loops live, and because they do not refers in general to a novel downloaded lost wondering about what this service, it’s a good thing that you search now in Google and I found this article which we give you the download links below, but not before you learn the application and understand it.

Application of the Loops Live to connect with people via streaming

Application of the Loops Live is available for free for everyone and is not limited to celebrities currently supports Android and iOS, through which the user is able to transmit directly through the app or website to everyone and from all over the globe, the app comes set of more beautiful and Interactive, which in turn will help the user to interact with the audience and follow it to other people.

Of advantages and important things in the last update to the software lobby live is the support for chat during the broadcast, also tool Guest clip that will enable the owner of the broadcast of the show recorded video from the traffickers, most notably, support for the app to view videos from YouTube directly and the possibility to comment on them with ease, other tools brings its application to Loops Live as the hashtag rich from the definition, and the possibility to customize the profile of the user, and its support also add to post or share a picture through his personal page.

How to profit from the live broadcast of the loops is?

You may wonder why the leaves of a number of celebrities and characters feature live broadcasts on Facebook and use the lobby live loops live, what sort between the two and why you prefer this name that he received only 500 thousand downloads from Google Play and still not famous.

The answer is to live in return for taking video clips of the proceeds, not through the ads that appear in which is free and displays no ads, but links of electronic gifts that they receive as a diamond, this is because the public pay money to get it and store it in their balance available for celebrities and the characters they love as a kind of support.

Start the prices of these gifts of 3.69 Saudi riyals 369.99 SAR, which is a good amount you can earn in case I got the 9999 coins from one of the stores.

The most important features of the application Lauper live loops live to broadcast video directly to Android and iPhone

The physical condition is not the only reason that pushes you to use the app, but the ease of use and broadcast the video you have another motive for pushing you to it.

And because the Application Designer and the Arab markets, the operators have worked to make broadcast video available More prevent the quality of the internet connection in the Arab states, which is dominated by bad quality streaming.

Initiative when a video broadcast to the followers you will get comments and you can chat with followers directly and respond to them, and provides you with follow-up to other characters and follow some of the most important traders interact with videos broadcast they post in general.

Besides the advantages of the standard in broadcast video applications, the app shows you all the videos of the live broadcast of both the characters and the people who have them or other suggestions, as there is also a list of video broadcasts that will start soon and this feature is very important.

Creator Lat the lobby live loops live lets you define the material and thus works interested to add it to the list of videos of the live broadcast that they are interested in their participation when approaching the time of the commencement of the public be present already, and this is the best of the second neighborhood on Facebook and the rest of the services where you start in the broadcast and wait for a few minutes the entry of the audience and viewers before the start which adds a lot of time who they came to first.

In addition, the app provides a video broadcast at the lowest cost in terms of data consumption bundles unlike Facebook, which depletes the package without doing the research, let alone that water.

Also you’ll get a special page to provide your activity weekly and shows you the gifts and metal obtained, and this encourages you to broadcast more videos.

Great that the app allows you to broadcast the videos displayed on YouTube and the rest of the home and this view for viewing on the app without accessing the rest services.

Application Lopez live lets you property notifications which will enable users to follow the broadcast directly to people who follow them immediately by sending a notice to them stating that, with the giving of gifts interactive to activate the joint between the traffickers and the owner of the broadcast, and finally the app works as a tool to cover events in a manner innovative to Department of the phone screen to two sections, the section for the cameras which cover the Events section to interested in the content of the event, combined administration of the broadcasting schedule through which the user will be able to schedule the broadcast of Leo at a specific time and display it in the list of upcoming which in turn will help him to earn a larger number of subscribers and views.

Link to download the application Lauper live loops live to broadcast video directly to Android and iPhone

Discover on celebrities and important people around the world, he followed them closely follow up broadcast the live video through download loops on your mobile phone .

The app is available free of charge for everyone it works in all Arab countries and is available on both play for Android devices and on App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iPhone and

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