Download app Podcast Google for the Google Voice please the Android

Download application podcast for lovers of phonetic notation to convert text to speech

During recent weeks by Google company on the launch of the podcast application Google Podcasts the new ones try to in order to compete strongly in the area of audio via podcast Google it is understood that the phonetic notation of the types of training data maneuver aggressively in recent years to improve the text to speech, it seems that the U.S. company interested in this area and is trying to make YouTube another but this time a voice has been provided to content creator ways to profit and earn money from their efforts , the app is designed for lovers of phonetic notation where they can explore a lot of the content is sound in many areas, all this free of charge and without showing any ads at the moment.

Everyone to apps podcast serving a marginalized group is they don’t have the ability to look and prefer to eat the content by the sense of hearing.

On the other hand, the podcast is the same for all users and lovers of the audio content, there are a lot of useful content which is the determination through this new service.

  • General information about the podcast application Google Podcasts for Android devices

بودكاست جوجل
Podcast Google

I have Google, YouTube and the internet giant, so why not work on the platform of the giant of the audio away from the services songs and live broadcasts?

Podcast application Google Podcasts is the answer from the company, which is able to harvest 500 thousand downloads, despite its launch just a few weeks ago.

Can age 12 years and older use the app which is convenient for the public emerging and does not include any content that is dangerous to them.

The application of the design and development of Google that develops a lot of applications and services in various areas, which is free and does not require a paid subscription or a certain fee.

  • Features podcast application Google Podcasts for Android devices

مميزات تطبيق التدوين الصوتي الجديد
Advantages of trading application of new audio

The application interface is clean and easy to use and provide you access to all sections of the application and its potential to easily, the application works on the proposal of the channels and relationships that can be of interest to you which helps you to explore content in many areas including sports, politics, health, humor, religion, language, science, social and many other.

The service hosts a lot of channels of bloggers that are constantly increasing day after day, which can step two subscribe and get the latest episodes and audio content immediately published.

Looks like it’s fairly YouTube where for each constructor of the content its own channel activates episodes that are proposed to the museums and researchers about the episodes explorers and the new content that is published on the platform.

The application provides you searching for audio content channels, and various applications, add boil it proposes you a set of them in the main screen, there is a section “for You” section, the analyses, the sections allows access to the suggestions and comments that you have uploaded.

In the page of each channel you will find a description, logo, and donation button is not added to all milk published by the to listen to it there is a Subscribe Button also.

Any channel you subscribe to are added to the channels that you are subscribed to it also know its contents in the “for you”.

The software application with a Google application on your device where you can find in the search results for loops which you can open to listen to it in Google Podcasts.

On the other hand, the application works with the plugin Google Voice Assistant and other services of the company Google where you can listen to the same podcast on multiple devices without losing your place. You can temporarily stop on your phone and pick up where you stopped when on Google Home.

As noted earlier you can search for podcast episodes using the application of Google Search and voice assistant Google Assistant.

  • Download podcast application Google Podcasts for Android devices

Google Podcasts
Download the Google app Podcasts

The app comes to apps podcast voice training which is the best in the market currently have imagined of competition in the future.

No, the app displays ads and forces you to donate for bloggers and content creators on the service, and you can listen various loops for free.

Download the app

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