Download app STC Pay for payments of the Saudi Telecom

With the proliferation of smart phones, also awaiting payment services mobile in the world and make their way to be available to more customers and consumers and users.

Saudi Arabia is one of the states where the e-commerce clear progress and more pages are held remotely through electronic platforms.

That’s why I decided Saudi telecom company to launch service STC Pay which depends on the form of application for payments.

As reported MENAbytes earlier this year, the company launched the STC Pay, which is a subsidiary company formed by the Saudi telecommunications company, officially launched its portfolio of mobile named (named also) STC Pay at a ceremony in Riyadh recently.

Although the service has been officially launched, but it is still in private beta and you can download the app on Android or iOS.

We have learned from our sources that the Saudi telecom company is in talks with Western Union to their functions across borders in the app which will enable users to transfer funds on the international level, this can be a big hit among the millions of expatriates living in the Kingdom and the transfer of funds to their countries of origin on a regular basis.

What service stc pay?

تطبيق STC Pay للمدفوعات من الإتصالات السعودية
Application of the STC Pay for payments of the Saudi Telecom

According to the official website of the service they are a digital wallet equipped with all the means and options that will enable individuals to control before with ease and security, where they can control the stability, tolerance and their financial through the application of one answer.

Compete these services services to other world such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and payment services, which are applications used for payments on the internet.

And STC Pay for payments of the Saudi Telecom

تطبيق STC Pay
Application of the STC Pay

Enjoy this app the beginning of an easy to use interface supports Arabic and English both, and she knows contacts that you have who deal with them, and the balance existing in your account in addition to other financial transactions that you have made.

While the app offers many features and services such as the payment of the purchase price, where you can buy your needs from the shops and restaurants at any time and any place.

The application of STC Pay a good tool to improve funds and is therefore considered as an alternative to other apps like PayPal and services like Western Union, where you can send and receive money to and from your family and friends from your contact list.

If you are customers of Saudi telecom company STC, you can pay your bills through the app and take advantage of their services better, and you can easily recharge number Su-prepaid your or any other number.

The app lets you also create a sub account from your account to save both your workers in the company or someone else to do the financial transactions based on a specific budget.

stc pay registration

You can register very easily in the application of the STC Pay create a new account to be able to perform operations of the electronic payment and collection of archive and record electronic payments that you make as well as transfer funds to other users or to calculate the bank again and pay electronic billing and many more features offered by the app.

Featuring the service that they do not need to charge when you open a new account, it wants the user and helps to spread the service in the near future, and for completing the registration process, simply download the application to STC Pay from the app store of your mobile device and follow the registration process from the beginning until the end.

How can I deposit amount in my account?

Simply you can deposit money into your account through support in-app wallet in one of these ways:

  1. Through the payment account
  2. Through bank transfer using IBAN
  3. The edges of the wallet application of the STC Pay to another portfolio using the same app
  4. By scanning the QR code

A new solution for shoppers and merchants

شركة الاتصالات السعوردية STC Pay
Telecommunications company sure STC Pay

Prepare payments through smart phones or mobile Make variety. in the meantime, the STC Pay flow this way.

Provide service for shoppers and merchants alike a good mechanism to states and financial transactions are immediate, without the need to boil take cash or to use or register hand in hand.

Everyone that the service supports the recovery of immediate money for customers and shoppers, they also provide through the app to check sales reports and remittances and revenues and profits.

Ensures the application of STC Pay to do financial transactions safe and fast, through the app and easy to use would be hard on The your customers which ensures that you as a trader access to the greater Saudi and deal with them on that basis.

Download app STC Pay for payments of the Saudi Telecom

You can download this app for free from Google Play for Android phones and you can download it from the App Store for iPhone, there are no costs to create your account, but is deducted a simple of the financial transactions that are on the platform as any other platform for payments.

Link version iPhone

Copy Link don’t need

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