Download application alphabetically teach kids the letters of the Arabic Abjad 2018

The best educational apps for kids alphabetically to teach the Arabic language

In these times mobile app has become a way to help in most of our goals in life , even when you desire to teach your kids, you’ll find the way and the style best suited for through download any of the apps kids educational on the phone for free and in a manner easy and suitable , you know in this topic of our website how the technique on the best way to help your child learn the Arabic language and alphabet and use the time well by downloading the application alphabetically to teach kids Arabic letters and sound .

Know to apply to teach a child the voices of animals and the importance of download apps know the voices of the animals and its benefits for children at the age younger than 5 years of through download application to know the voices of the animals

About the application of the alphabetized for kids :

The application of alphabetically is a free application and easy loading on all types of phones and operating systems and one of the best ways in which looking for any guardian to spend time his child properly so that he can learn the Arabic language and mastering the letters , lets apply alphabetized for kids easy way and effective to learn Arabic Alphabet on Android for both phones and tablet devices, this app will help your children in learning the letters of the Arabic Alphabet and its conservation, and mastery in a manner that is easy, simple, effective and does not need any great exertion of children .

The application Lorem and easy way to teach Arabic alphabets for children aged between two years and 5 years, and I’ve designed this app in a distinctive way to attract the child’s attention while teaching the basics of reading, writing, alphabet Arabic, also contains many educational activities entertaining that can be exercised by the child while learning letters of the Arabic Alphabet in order to not feel bored and bothering to leave the application .

And features the advantage of displaying the characters with its pronunciation to add to the song learning each character and test recommendation between the war and the word that start and play install word games look for letters, etc .

The way you use the application to teach kids Arabic language :

Apply alphabetically to teach the kids the Arabic language and alphabet in more than a way to allow you app to match the level of thinking and mental abilities possessed by the child , and of the ways in which the application alphabetically in teaching Arabic language for children less than 5 years is connect the dots to draw the letters to learn how to write the character in a manner favorable addition to the game connect the letters page to which they correspond , apply Lorem also allows your child to hear the sounds of a short war easily with a simple test to make sure your child’s learning for the character and writing it down .

The app offers also tests for the baby as it offers no wars, scatter, and ask him to arrange them to get the full Word, and lets the child pass his finger around the lines to form by character where required to connect the point between them to complete the writing of the war.
Application very amusing and useful at the same time, won’t your kids need any cable TV educational since now all they need is to apply Lorem where they will find benefit and entertainment and learning at the same time.

What activities provided by the application alphabetically for your child?

This app is very useful to teach the Arabic letters for preschoolers. And help your baby and growing mental abilities and promotes language through many of the activities of the following :

  • Offers for baby alphabet song showing each letter the While is true
  • A table of the alphabets, when I press any character in which is displayed a hymn short of the word that begins the war.
  • Simple test shows where the image and the child that clicks on the appropriate letter that corresponds to the displayed image
  • There is a game to connect the letters to the picture that appeals to them
  • Connect the dots to draw the letters: a fun way to teach a child to write letters

Photo of application alphabetically to teach Arabic letters

انشطة تعليم اللغة العربية
Activities to teach the Arabic language
تعليم حروف اللغة العربية من تطبيق ابجد
Learn the Arabic Alphabet from the application alphabetically
تعليم الحروف العربية
Teach Arabic letters
تحميل تطبيق ابجد
Download application alphabetically
انشطة تعلم الحروف للاطفال
Activities learn letters for kids


Link to download the application Lorem to learn the Arabic language and alphabet

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