Download application Arab Bank to write on pictures Arabic in Android

Write on pictures Arabic download application Arab Bank

There are a lot of apps to modify pictures available on Google Play for Android devices, but the most famous and best are available in English or universal applications , but this does not mean that there are no apps to modify pictures Arab origin good and professional and compete the big names, one of which is the application of the Arab Bank , this app is available for Android devices is the best apps modify images at all, and the best cart also, and in this article we will learn we will take it in this article.

You can embellish the photos and writing work through the download Application Source the new 2018 inAndroid


  • General information on the application of the Arab Bank

تحميل تطبيق المصمم العربي
Download application Arab Bank

Standing behind a new app developer who supports Omac, which we don’t know his real identity, while the application gets updates from time to time.

To enable the application of the claimed million downloads at least from Google Play, without counting the number of downloads from the stores of the third party.

The app requires Android 4.1 and the latest work on your device which is compatible with tablet computers and smart phones, add this to it made within the application to modify images.


  • What makes the application of the Arab Bank better than other apps?

تحميل تطبيق المصمم
Download the Application Source

Expect dozens of apps to edit photos and write on it, we find that Arab Bank outperforms in terms of support to the Arabic writing on the images.

The app is designed to basically to enter the Arabic text to photos easily, and you can add phrases and text without that there would be a problem with the formatting or writing from right to left which is the problems of a lot of sound engines of the competition.

The application of the Arab Bank is also free and does not include any items paid or advantages are paid but it’s completely free and this is another point in its favour, given that a lot of competitors offering free and paid material.


  • And the Arab Bank for writing on photos Arabic in Android

طريقة الكتابة على الصور
Way to write on pictures

Nurses that enjoy this app find that it comes with one software easy to use, which beginners can handle it without the need of guidance or instructions.

As appears from the fact of your home, it’s designed to write on pictures and texts and phrases which comes with the slogan “write on pictures”.

Contains the program interface button name select an image to start, and when you press the button you will have two options either to take a picture with the camera front or rear, or import an image from the photo library on your device to work on the Edit.

Whether you choose the first method and the second, the app will prepare you for the experience of using fun and edit pictures easily and add text to it.

This app comes with a series of lines Arabic of the famous actress which you can change between them and write words, phrases and texts on the photo.

And of course the fact that his application of the cart comes the facade of the Arab does not mean that it is confined only to modify images and add phrases and text in Arabic, but you can add texts and phrases in English which supports many fonts in this regard.

You can change the text size or the font type is added to change its color and you can make some words slanting and protruding out the other and highlight other words in the same picture easily.

The app lets you also transfer the phrases and to change its position in the picture by making it in the middle or the side or the bottom or any other point you want to picture that, thanks to you.

And other features provided by the App, users find that it provides added stickers of hearts hair styles, chin, glasses, moustaches and a lot of posters, other.

You can come out better than the original by editing them and add text to it, this gives you banking application for Android.

Link to download application Arab Bank to write on pictures Arabic in Android

With this app you can get photos rate high quality, and you can add Arabic text to easily, and share them on social networks , and everyone in the app that is available for free and you can use it fully at any time which does not require a paid subscription.

Download the app



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