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Application Popcorn Buzz to chat to everybody and , download application Bob Korn Popcorn Buzz of company, line of months chat apps and updates free or conference calls, too. Looking a lot for the link download application Bob Korn Popcorn Buzz on the mobile phone, all kinds of Can you download Popcorn Buzz on Android, free to hold group conversations and chat on your mobile phone easily with any person from anywhere in the world in addition to many of the features that attracted many users to download a program Popcorn Buzz and set up an account pop corn Popcorn Buzz and start to enjoy the services offered by the company online through the application of Popcorn Buzz for android, the Continue reading this article from our site-how technique to learn more on this app, which is they arefavored chat apps Group Chat and voice calls for free, you’ll find a link to download Popcorn Buzz 2018 Android you can download it on your device

About the application calls Popcorn Buzz :

Company Online that development of the application of its famous instant messaging LINE back through recent months to apply the pop corn Popcorn Buzz, which provide as the best solution to chat beauty and images that can be up to the participants to 200 people at least.

مكالمة جماعية تضم اكثر من 200 شخص
A group call involving more than 200 people

It is understood that the application of the main chat in the world allows you to Group calls does not exceed a few tens of Skype which does not allow more than 25 people to participate in this kind of chat in a business version of it is dedicated to a greater number that is being used in corporations between the staff and institutions.

Application Bob Korn Popcorn Buzz does not provide calls binary or individual conversations, but focuses on the work of groups of friends join it and invite others to participate in it and call constantly, either for students or in work also or for sharing memories and discussions about topics of common interest among the members of the group.

For this he does not come mainly to be an alternative to application online which offers a different and a chat and at the same time, the other is the Group Chat, but not the quality of the pop corn Popcorn Buzz which requires a login to an account on the service line.

So if you are currently using a famous app you can log in to this service with the same information, and in case I don’t have an account this is not a problem you can create account in few seconds and use it in two applications.

Features application Bob Korn Popcorn Buzz calls collective

As we pointed out earlier, this app is designed basically for voice calls everyone and area where to chat binary where you can be used online or rivals such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for the purpose of bilateral talks and collective alike.

مميزات تطبيق Popcorn Buzz
Advantages of applying Popcorn Buzz new

But, of course, comes pop corn Popcorn Buzz with many of the features that convince you to use it at work to entertain and communicate where you can create a new group to deal with it in the app and you get a special link to share it in chat and mail apps electronic and SMS text messages with people who would like to join the group conversation can be up to 200 people.

After the spices have a sound and displays in front of you on the screen all the friends present in the group besides from talking in current time the green dot in the picture show the others to their side once someone would say to talk you’ll see a green dot to the side of his picture round this is to introduce the participants to speak of course.

On the other hand, who is not in the conversation of belonging to the group will show their pictures faint limit of their registration entry, will be like personal photos for the rest of the home to conversation to the current situation.

Can and group to delete people who do not wish their presence in the Group Chat and you can also you withdraw yourself from any group you don’t want to keep watching.

And of course any of the Group received the invitation to join a group conversation you will receive a letter of invitation you can accept or reject, which means that you are in control of your privacy and can get you into groups you’re not convinced by it.

In general all these advantages and possibilities existing in the pop corn Popcorn Buzz offered by this app is very simple and you can design with options, with satisfaction, approving of the program is extremely simple and you don’t need to buy in the handle.

The wonderful surprise for users is that the application supports Arabic language and thus the options and messages that appear in the app wagon, too.

Download application Bob Korn Popcorn Buzz calls collective direct link

اجراء دردشة جماعية تطبيق Popcorn Buzz
Hold a group chat application Popcorn Buzz

Free app of online it does not contain any elements of the driven and you can download it from Google Play for Android phones.

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