Download application Duo Duo talks video download Google Duo on Android and iPhone

Link download program Google Duke Google Duo free

Google Duo is months apps video calls of high quality by Google , so searching a lot about Application download Duo for video calls , where it supports all types of devices and operating systems : Android and ios , you’ll find in this topic from the website How does the technique link Application download Duo Google Android via direct link to the Google Duo APK , also you’ll find a link to download the Google Duo for iPhone and iPad for free , finish reading the thread to recognize the most important characteristics of this program that have a large number of users in a short period of time .

About the application of chat and conversation free Duo :

Didn’t write Google Inc. to apply one in the chat is that have previously, Google Hangouts, and has recently launched the chat app smartphone Google allo Allo talks instant, and then launched also application Duo Duo for video chats.

You know through this topic that we published earlier from the website how the technology of Google Hangouts for texting and video calls in high quality , you can download the app via direct link to the Hangouts APK for Android faith : download Hangouts use Android and ios

An additional application to enhance their chances in the competitive sector is controlled by Facebook’s numerous applications and services . Especially Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have the team who turned into a strong competitor to develop snapchat , through access to new features including live broadcasting removable after the completion of the initiative and also posts most filters, photos, and video.

For Duo Duo of Google comes to chat apps superior on the level of visual conversations in a time of WhatsApp features video calls, there is also a Skype dedicated at this level during the financial period.

In light of the increasing demand on visual conversations instead of chat written, audio, and Google offers millions of users this app as one of the best options which offers a good performance in the Visual conversations .

Focuses on them as the focus of his subject, unlike chat apps offer conversations, books, courses and audio and send files and share geographic locations and share stickers and emoticons include groups .

Which are the advantages of multiple operating companies developer not to develop the whole and thus lack of focus on improving a certain point itself, such as video chats.

On the contrary, Google has allocated a team of developers are working on improving the application of Duo Duo and to add new features and improve the performance of video calls, which gives her a chance to spy on the competitors.

The app has been downloaded between 10 million downloads and 50 million download for Android phones, which is also available for iPhone.

And Duo Duo for video chats

Google Duo DUO

Spins application Duo talks video about one type of Chat is video calls, for this interested in another type of conversations this app doesn’t fit him.

The application interface software is easy to handle it combines the simplicity and ease of use, and you can start the conversation by pressing the button the call will receive the other user a notification of the receipt of a call by simply pressing the reply will appear in front of you will talk face to face.

The app lets you record video miniature you describe your identity specifically, this is to help from receiving calls from you in the easily recognized before responding.

It also allows you to high quality level of Office information , and photos of the good and also the arrival of high-quality audio, most of the other apps with promises of improved service to be compatible more with slow Internet connections and weak , which is a big challenge for the contents of the video that require a connection to the strong.

With one click you can start a video chat, and talk about diverse subjects directly for free without paying any cents, just call to have a good internet connection.

The problem of blocking the application of the DUO in the Emirates

Know the application Google allo Allo talks instant , launched by Google recently for the consideration of applications and software conversations and free calls you can download it here : download the program allo Allo talks instant on Android and iPhone

Download google duo

Because Voip services are blocked in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the communications there had proceeded from the beginning on the blocked especially in the UAE also assured us our interests from there.

And what makes it worse. that in case I decided to use the services of VPN access to the app , and discover that through the authorities will be held legally according to the Law of the UAE imposes large fines on users of these services.

Currently the app works in Egypt the majority of Arab markets in Saudi Arabia because it is not famous to the current situation unlike video chats in other apps.

Link to download application Duo Duo talks video Download Google Duo for Android , IPhone

The app is available for free from Google and all the States and the world in general, and in the event you own a Android phone you can download it

And the same goes for owners of the iPhone, you can download it .

Download android

Download for iPhone

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