Download application Enoff for hedge accounting in the offices work for the iPhone

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Download application Enoff for hedge accounting and irregularities in the employment offices

Again back to us, the startup behind the application explicitly in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia applies new, to develop a new application that is Enoff .

This is app is very important and a noble goal as well as helps to fight the challenge in the employment offices and any behavior inappropriate in a civilized manner and safe.

It is understood that the place of work where the mixing between men and women are usually experiencing situations of control that the positive environment at work.

This phenomenon is so pervasive, in employment offices, both in the Western world or even our society and our Arab and for trying to submit the application Enoff to solve these problems.

General information about the application Enoff

تطبيق Enoff , Enoff , الأيفون

General information about the application Enoff

The application of the Saudi company launched by the application explicitly and 300 million registered users before being withdrawn the app from Google Play and the App Store.

Launched startup a new application, free for iOS called Enoff targeted products, and navigate to the wave activity of the employee and talking about the unfair practices to provide a way for people in the are to give an unidentified person, the way the reporting of such practices and send them to teachers in the company.

Company will launch soon, the Android version of Enoff ” according to the executive director and founder of Zine El Abidine conciliation.

The app is available by Web also, the aim is to provide a way to provide comments in cases of harassment, corruption and other complex situations in the workplace where they may fear staff the occurrence of Fallout when you talk about it.

Trending Enoff forward with a number of existing alternatives already in the market to provide feedback “anonymous” in the workplace, including other applications such as Blind, as well as current solutions may be companies already get comments.

This service provides an effective way for businesses to get complaints from employees in secret and without recognition of their identity, that to improve the internal environment, through the staff, the offenders and also to provide the possibilities and improvements required of the staff.

Sure some companies take into account the suggestions or complaints of the employees because it is high-level, while ignoring the same proposals of new employees or lower-level, but with the received each of these proposals without an ID, will handle the administration with problems logically.

How it works the application Enoff

تطبيق Enoff , Enoff , الأيفون

How it works the application Enoff

Come to any company or institution, whatever its size or its specialization, has an office or staff offices, and want to provide a healthy environment and to fight prejudice and bad practices among employees to maintain their reputation and in the service of the Enoff.

If you have a company and want to register in Enoff you’ll have to register your company from there you’ll have to enter the name of the company and raising its logo to add to its documentation of registration, and to determine the state sector and police easily in the service a step which doesn’t take a lot of time.

You will get the company on the scope of its own service which will accept the complaints and reporting of the staff, and on those app downloads on the iPhone of their own.

This will provide them with a secure and easy way and with high specificity to send notifications to the concerned department to address those problems and training the right way.

These comments, in turn, cannot be shared with anyone except the person in charge of that institution, where it appears to the director or officials on the form of messages in the inbox.

Confirmed reconcile that Enoff will be free to use with no plans to add any layers driven to the app, but we have seen that Sarahah the same build quietly other types of earn money from users that in the end its right.

The app is free for all users, in the case of any plans driven future will be a subscription monthly or annually the owners of the companies are not only currently the organizers of the application that they don’t plan for this.

Download application Enoff for hedge accounting and irregularities in the employment offices

تطبيق Enoff , Enoff , الأيفون

Download application Enoff

The app is currently available for free on the App Store for users of iPhone as well as tablet computers iPad, the app is available currently for Android devices, but soon will be available.

Download the app

Download a copy of the iPhone

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