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Download the application Instagram Lite devices vulnerable

With the arrival of the number of users of Instagram to a million users at least, it seems that Facebook is striving to be change whereby in developing markets such as India and Brazil and strengthen its presence in the Middle East where you’ve already got 60 million users , the experience of Facebook in access to these markets differ it usually a Lite version that launches from their services and applications is at least consumed for the storage battery and does not require a lot of resources you can identify them through download Facebook Lite , Application Instagram Lite Instagram Lite is a Lite version of the application Instagram instagram the original, has worked Facebook to launch it without learning about it in her blog-official, we noticed that the app was added to Google Play has been noted by the media.

The app is available for download from all the different states, and would prefer a lot of users in developing countries on the master copy.


  • General information about the application Instagram Lite Instagram Lite

تحميل انستا لايت
Download Insta Lite

Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the moments the world. Application Instagram Lite is small in size, allowing you to save space on your phone and download it quickly. Follow your friends and family to see what they do, and discover accounts from all over the world that share things you love. Join more than a million people in the community and express yourself through the participation of all the moments of your day.

Do not exceed the size of this app is 573 KB, which requires that your device running Android 5.0 and the latest, which is small, light and fast to load level content.


  • Features apply Instagram Lite Instagram Lite for Android devices

مميزات تطبيق انستقرام لايت
Features the application of Instagram Lite

These allow you to copy from Instagram take advantage of the various features of the service, the beginning of the creation of the account and set profile picture and add a description and modify it to your account and you can upload pictures and videos posted on your account.

It also allows you to also create stories and share them, and of course to the side of your posts and your comments and interaction with other publications, you can follow the accounts of your favorite and explore the other that interest you, and you can perform searches and access to the accounts you’re looking for.

And it lets you apply Instagram Lite Instagram Lite use the service quickly at the lowest possible consumption of data, Add to it a friend of the battery and the phones low cost.

You can Post Photos that you want to keep on the your profile and edit them using filters, and you can share multiple photos to your stories. Bring them to life with text. It is that disappear after 24 hours will not show on the profile or in the abstract, only in the story department to friends and fans.

You can explore the new story of the people you follow in the top bar conclusion, with their participation of course.

 Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite

Discover stories, photos and videos that you might like. and tracking of new accounts in the “explore” tab which is the tab located in the main copy of the application and it’s good that it exists in the Lite version also.

Currently you can’t instant messaging with friends through the app, but Facebook stressed that app development team working on adding this feature in the future with the possibility of sharing videos.

The company is trying to bring various advantages existing in the master copy without adversely affecting the size of the application and the lightness of his experience download the content through it.

After downloading the app log in to your account on the app to try it it will bring all the accounts you follow and bring the succession of news that appear in the publications of the friends and accounts you follow, as you’ll find one of the stories that have been published within 24 hours.

Way normal can you comment on the publications and admiring it and watching the video clips and stories and explore new accounts from the Department of exploration and research, and more.


  • Link to download application Instagram Lite Instagram Lite for Android devices

The application dead on Google Play which displays ads, of course, where you will find the publications possible and it can show you ads when you run the story too.

You can download the app now and download it for free.

Download the app

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