Download application of Sticker Studio to turn your photos into stickers WhatsApp

Turn your photos into stickers WhatsApp cross-Sticker Studio

Be sure to WhatsApp Whatsapp has announced its support for stickers in the past few days, a feature I’ve been waiting for long users, especially since they are located on suitable applications of Telegram and Facebook Messenger and other apps.

The company has announced us that it’s the right developers and designers version apps stickers and creativity in this regard to provide all of the stickers possible for the users.

To include both the Google Play and the App Store a flood of apps that offer stickers ready to use on the famous app.

But there is one application characteristic, does not come with posters ready, it also provides you to convert your photos or pictures of any person to stickers ready to use.

Talking about the application of Sticker Studio to enhance your photo to poster WhatsApp available for free only for Android devices, which means that iPhone users lack Development good.

  • General information on the application of Sticker Studio to turn your photos into stickers WhatsApp

تحويل الصور الى ملصقات واتس اب
Turn your photos into stickers WhatsApp

The application of software SvenMobile is available on both Google Play and you can also download it from some stores of the third party, but since it’s free you better download it from the official App Store.

Since its launch during the days only managed to harvest 100 thousand downloads from Google Play alone, without counting the number of downloads on other stores your apps and games Android.

The app is free and displays ads without any paid version, it supports only English and no Arabic language in it.

  • Features of application of Sticker Studio to turn your photos into stickers WhatsApp

طريقة انشاء ملصق جديد
Way inch poster WhatsApp New

Can users of WhatsApp, now create a package of posters to have their own customized and sent to friends and family. Stickers for WhatsApp, which was launched last month, becoming common quickly.

Posters had been allocated in addition to those in the regional languages is extremely successful, now anyone can create a package their own labels and add them to the app, thanks to an app available for Android devices, this is possible Where added WhatsApp support pack of posters of the third-party also.

How to make a poster of WhatsApp professional :

Create a poster of their own, will need users Android to download and apply the Sticker Studio from the Google Play Store, once you download the app, click on the option “Create pack stickers new”, the app will prompt you to enter the name of the poster the poster and the author.

Now, will open a new page let you add up to 30 custom poster of your own, however, it will be the symbol on the top is the icon tray or the icon that will appear as a pack of stickers in your WhatsApp, note that the code for the drawer will not show a sticker.

Now, click the icons “add collage” to start creating custom stickers of your own knowledge, users can choose photos from Google images or photo gallery, etc., to create stickers.

Once you choose the image, can be cropped to select the part you want as stickers, of course, not be the action of the story very accurate when you do it with your finger but the results are acceptable.

You can also restart the economy if an error occurred somewhere between the two, once it is completed, it will be added as one of the posters contained in the package your posters.

The app is not perfect in the story of the photo and delete the background for the page that you want them to use the label that you want to industry it, but the score is currently good and acceptable.

You can add up to 30 stickers in stickers pack one, however, the other side is that you will need to add all the stickers from the 30 time in the time you can’t edit the package once posted on WhatsApp, you can publish using the stickers too less, but you can’t add more to the package when publishing.

For example, suppose that you have published the package stickers not about the number of their four stickers to add more stickers on WhatsApp, you will have to create a package new stickers.

Finally, click on the option “publish a package posters” in the bottom right corner and make sure the deployment, you will add the package labels automatically to the application WhatsApp will be able to just send these stickers through contacts and friends. Will be distinction package labels in the application code of the container that you added in the beginning, for to the recipients, will continue to be the posters that you submit with package name of the poster in addition to the author will be able to forward to their contacts.

Link to download the application of Sticker Studio to turn your photos into stickers WhatsApp

You can download this app for free and start using it, where it is available on Google Play and works for users in the Middle East and North Africa.


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