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There is no doubt that browsers play a prominent role in the speed of loading web pages and browsing experience, and if it’s good, reflected on this important aspect though is that the shot is bad , Firefox is one of the largest players in the browser market since long years and is facing strong competition from other browsers, and require more development updates browser original, it has decided to launch a new browser from scratch and talk about Firefox, Quantum , This is not strange, for example, its rival the Opera is the other I’ve always worked on projects browsers are independent from the main browser, the reason for this is the desire to build on the new engine and blade software innovative special features from the rest of the browsers , Firefox Firefox Quantum is the latest weapon from Mozilla to face the extension of competitors, which is of browsers computers and also works efficiently with the Firefox browser for smartphones and tablets.

  • General information about browser Firefox Quantum

متصفح فايرفوكس كوانتم اسرع مرتين
The Firefox browser quantum twice as fast.

Designed this browser to work on all possible devices and sync the information users and the development of the browsing experience, that information sites and favorites and record your hits you can be transmitted from your computer to your smartphone towards computer, your tablet without the need to import, and manually.

The browser is available for Windows and Mac at the same time it has been quote many more of them to copy the phone has been activated, the possibility of synchronization between all these browsers easily.

Browser free comes features a new a re-designed version office existing since long years, with the integration with the version of Android and iPhone.

Don’t forget that it was the launch of the browser the end of last year, and he gets new updates, and Mozilla to regain its popularity.


  • Features browser Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum
Firefox Quantum

The first feature in this browser is that it comes with a new design different from the Design Standard browsers Firefox old, corresponds in the language of design with software trendy, as well as Windows 10 and the latest versions of Mac.

The main interface has undergone improvements are good for viewing most visited websites and can be customized to add a number of sites and portals favorite, while displays the latest news and articles from the service compilation of news, articles and links.

The home page includes also fund a search engine that lets you conduct searches on the browser and access what you want easily.

In the box write the URLs you can also type any phrase to search for within the search engine, this means that if you open page site and want to proceed to search in Google for something, shut up with the page that you’re currently using, all you have to do is Enter what you want to search for in the address bar and you will be taken to the search results directly.

Features Firefox Quantum motor new depends on the browser, and enjoy greater speed in the processing of the page that is loaded on the browser, to the point that browsing has become twice as fast compared to view regular.

With host usually the browsers memory random private computers, the Firefox Quantum is lighter and 30 percent on the RAM compared Google Chrome.

On the other hand, supports browser modify tab, not open a lot of pages which is throwing that up until 1000 and statements and move between them easily.

On the other hand, comes this browser with design speed, a situation which does not record log of visits and cookies and any other information while browsing.

Also, the browser with the feature called Tracking Protection which protects you from tracking some of the advertising programs, sites and your activities on the site through the reduction of it.

Works browser to disable run some ads slow and bad sites while retaining the good ads, and Mozilla says that this is good for users and also for Publishers, where the user gets a better browsing experience, while not preventing the site owners from making profits from their ads.

Browser supports display of video clips and edited well, to add to the display content of the virtual reality enhanced without the need for Add-ons or third-party software.

You can change the default skin of the browser and choose among the hundreds available on the store theme, as you can access to thousands of plugins available to compete offers you the advantages not present in the browser such as LastPass, open the Origin, Evernote and many more.

And speaking of syncing you can send any page you want from your computer to your smartphone or vice versa through the availability of browsers where you will need to have Firefox present on the two devices, as you can sync passwords, browsing history, favorites and more.

Link to Download Firefox browser Firefox Quantum rapid

The browser is available for download, and you can download computers windows and Mac, and various advantages have been provided on the latest version of Firefox for the iPhone and Android.


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