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Save the clips snap application casper snap Casper snape

Download Casper snape 2018 Casper Snap chat program which took place snapchat months social networks lately on Android phones has a very important advantage is the possibility to install it on your device without root , also looking a lot for a way to download videos snapchat and photo snapchat on mobile , you can download the program Casper snapchat Casper Snapchat for android download any video for snapchat and download it on your phone and save it , know more on the update Casper snape 2018 , and the most important its features which make it preferable over snapchat plus , Offer you of how the technology in this topic a link to download Caspar snapchat Casper Snapchat without root Android you could download the app on your phone through it .

Download videos snapchat

Maybe get a feature save videos from snapchat vs root Android is not convincing for you to display difficult, especially if you have an Android phone constantly gets new updates from the manufacturer and don’t want to lose the enclosure and stop the updates and become an outlaw.

Root Android it is true that easy and risks, not to your phone for the holidays but if I bought a galaxy s 7, For example, which will continue to receive updates and the next 3 years and this process will inevitably be a great loss for you, that is annoying in this step.

Application Casper Casper is a dedicated application to save and load photos and videos from the last Android , in the sense that those who believe that it can’t save images and videos from snap chat to understand the wrong and have to undo this idea , nothing is impossible the modern era .

كيفية تنزيل ستوري سناب شات
How to download story snapchat
You can download clips and pics snapchat for free without root by downloading a program Caspar snapchat for Android you will find the download link under the topic of our site how technique .

The idea of the app enables you to view and download the images or video captured from the others and thus keep them you have .
Of course, the site of SnapChat in the past to ban and delete account of all of the says using third-party applications such as the application of Casper and from other applications that allow the user to enter account sea Sha, modify and save photo

This comes Casper snapchat Casper Snapchat to be an alternative to develop snapchat plus Snapchat Plus it comes good potential and can be nominated to be the best compared to the version plus that come with just one comparison application official.

Friday as we pointed out earlier is that you can download this app and install it on your smartphone without having to do a root the Android platform, which means keep your phone and the original version of Android and not fear the loss of a guarantee of 3 years from the bullfinch of technical updates that come with Android phones of different companies.

The app exists only for Android phones as it is compatible with phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Sony and the rest of the smartphone competition, including the honor and Huawei and Motorola and also Lenovo and LG and the rest of the phones operating system.

Update snapchat, the new

The application snapchat the social network on Sunday, which attracted a million users in a short period of time, despite all attempts to purchase, or tradition that you know not of the largest social networks, but snapchat still of apps affecting and which are not its users and addicted to it .

Also with the updates the last increased preparation download an app like feature snape MAB or hose snapchat’s New that allows user to share the stories of the sea with its own all over the world and that through the activation and participation of the geographical location and recognition on snape and culture of any area you want .

In addition the specific nature of snap chat that everyone knew and liked them as a feature story and filters snapchat and the effects and additions that can be added on the photo , also the quality of the pictures and videos that we publish through a camera snap

In addition, none of the feature added to snapchat the previous year is the ability to make calls avidemux video and audio free like chat completely disappear as soon as you finish the call with the other person .

The company Facebook by many of the features of the application snapchat in a lot of applications in multi so after I made offers to buy snapchat but they refused to sell it what modern cops do by features in the application facebook and application Messenger and even WhatsApp.

Things that keep you in touch of different cultures and keep you connected are the world is the possibility to follow famous snapchat and celebrity Arab, and the best influencers on social media .

Become snapchat the most traded globally in a short period of issuance in 2011 and many companies report it or ask the application to compete in its features such as story Instagram time enrollment and Facebook

Download snapchat cart for all devices

Features of Caspar snapchat Casper Snapchat

How to download story snapchat

Comes application Caspar snapchat Casper Snap chat to be distinct from the official version in a lot of respects but it’s also superior to many of the characteristics provided by the application in general.

At the outset, we find that the app you can log in to your account on snapchat to find that it supports many languages including Arabic, full.

تطبيق كاسبر سناب
Application Casper snape

After the success of the entry on the application of the Casper snape using the user name and password for your account snapchat , to come back and login in the application of snapchat on your phone to be able to take advantage of the benefits of snape Casper

تسجيل دخول سناب شات
Login snapchat
Know the steps to set up snapchat account new page set up snapchat account new steps to login to snapchat sign in in order to log in on the application of the Casper snape and take advantage of its features

Also the app does not require your geographic location, and that makes it less power consumption from the battery of your device, as it allows to send videos longer than 10 seconds which has a duration of 23 seconds is what makes you superior to the rest of the users through this feature.

Add to the above the app lets you download videos up to you and also the pictures on your phone, from settings you can select to download them as soon as you open the app or first click on the Download button to do so is no real official app.

The nurses distributed in the app is absolutely gorgeous and you can approve friend requests and explore the new content and get new features from the company itself when an update is available.

You can write on photos before sharing them in Casper snapchat Casper Snap chat it supports many varieties of fonts and you can download more of them to use in the app.

كاسبر سناب شات
Caspar snapchat

You can access application to set the saved and running in the same application and retention management and share them as you want, as that you can send videos recorded Originally on your device with many videos recorded short videos which do not respect the number of those 23 seconds as we have said previously.

It also supports alerts, notifications, different conversation, different features of the official app without any problems, but he knows some of the ads and you can pay some money to remove them.

And the application possibilities of the Council the possibility of sending one message to a number of people at the same time to shorten the time and also without penetrating your privacy.

How to save and publish their videos and photos unit of the studio.

To download snap either photos or videos of Studio you have, instead of depicting it and display it directly , you have to initially download the application Casper 2018 famous in APK format from the links below and then perform the installation natural which everybody knows and the end of the process of installing the program “Casper snapchat” for Android will the program opens and you enter your login credentials and then it will open the program with one completely different from the program “snapchat”, original familiar to you .

Take some time to learn the functions of the new interface which is considered the easiest of the original, so now you can save the set in your phone’s memory for another time. as you can see snape new reserved in advance at the studio and pick the camera any application to export a set of new as you can of course open all the VSAT medium use easily without having to collect points, such as application snapchat the original .

And by logging on anecdotes or stories snapchat you can choose the account you would like to view snape open this account and then displays a list of snap or clips posted by the account during the the last 24 hours .

Select the article you want to download and as soon as pressure on the handle will start the conversion process

حفظ مقاطع سناب شات
Save clips snapchat

Save the clips snap for iPhone without Gilbert

You can save the clips snap and the pictures and videos snapchat snapchat on the machines for days and iPad easily through the Application download snapcrack without Gilbert download SnapCrack Free for Snapchat , app snapcrack can save the entire conversation without the knowledge of the person who spoke it in addition to it. you save photos and videos and the download of snapchat easily , and are kept in and the clips snap on the device’s memory to be able to see it later

Apps are available to save the set on my device for iPhone and you can download them
Save the clips snap for iPhone

Download snapchat plus

Download link Casper 2018 Casper Snapchat to save videos

In order to avoid a temporary ban for your account on this app, please delete the official app and also clear the cache and data in your smart phone.

As we mentioned before that the application of the Caspar snapchat Casper Snap Chat third party the official program and that in case of any blocking operation performed by the official website of the program Casper where it says skip and ignore this ban and allows all users of the prohibition to deal with natural program and sent less and share photos and videos between them and also the possibility to save photos and videos in a safe manner for the users because this feature is not available in the official program so that snapchat deletes all images and videos that have been sent to the consignee after a few seconds of this, the Casper, the new 2018 lets you save the images.

You can then download the app for free here

Download the app

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