Download English Arabic dictionary without Internet apps U Dictionary

Download Arabic dictionary offline translate instant U Dictionary Android

Depends Dictionary of the most important applications that are enabled by technology and smart phones that are easy to have a lot of time in our daily lives and interact with different websites and different people, well , so download the application dictionary instant translation on your phone is essential , and often we find everyone is looking for the dictionary English Arabic can translate the pieces and all without a literal translation , in this topic of our site how technical you’ll find the link to download the application U Dictionary interpretation without the internet and free Android .

Download dictionary instant translation of 2018

Download dictionary translation from English to Arabic and vice versa without Internet which of you need a hand cart to translate English to Arabic offline dictionary English Arabic .

The application of U Dictionary you can copy and translation of messages and conversations on mobile instantaneously through a copy sentence or phrase within any application on your phone and want to know the translation of it , and once you click on copy you will get the instant translation in the language that you choose , and you can also copy the translation in Google Chrome or the application WhatsApp or other social apps , and is considered the best Dictionary of the English and the translation of the without the internet is not only the largest Dictionary of English .

Program is a dictionary of the most important programmes that you have downloaded and where you will be needed ALWAYS , because of the internet we have a lot of languages which may not allow only a language or two , max. This may make you not able to read many articles on the internet so it has become important to use a translation software which will be very simple, but their usefulness is great, the many, many education programs immediate on the internet so that each of which leads to the same function-namely, translating sentences and texts and words so that users of those programs of understand other languages easily because a very large number of users looking for a program to translate simple and free .

Explain the application of the U Dictionary the best dictionary without Internet

You can download the app easily by clicking on a download link on the bottom of this thread from our how technology and install it on your phone .

Once open the app you’ll see in the Interface Box asks you to type in the word or copy the sentence you want translated , and allows you to the upgrade page by clicking on the camera icon phenomenon or translation of the sound by pressing the microwave .

ترجمة اي كلمة بالكتابة او الصوت او الصورة
Translate any word, writing or picture or picture

To be able to start using the dictionary and the translation from one language to the other, in case you are not connected to the Internet you activate this feature by entering the settings app >> and then choose the first item of the dictionary is not connected to the internet , we show you a list of languages and options to convert any language to want to upgrade them or not , such as English to Arabic , and wait for the download finishes so you can easily upgrade without the internet .

تحميل قاموس بدون انترنت
Download dictionary without Internet
تحميل ترجمة فورية بدون انترنت
Download instant translation without the internet
ترجمة بدون انترنت انجليزي عربي و العكس
Translation without the internet English Arabic and vice versa

You can keep books or paragraphs that you have translated by clicking on the favorite star to be saved in the list of my words .

You can activate the copy feature development or interpretation by going to Settings and then tap on the option click for

 ترجمة فورية U Dictionary
Simultaneous translation U Dictionary
ترجمة فورية انجليزي عربي
Simultaneous translation English Arabic

Shown the two options for interpretation after you copy the sentence and then click on a translation or interpretation as soon as you copy the sentence or words .

تفعيل اضغط للترجمة
Activation click for
تفعيل ميزة اضغط للترجمة
Activate the feature Tap to

You may encounter the problem of not appeared just after that so we have to allow to apply the day of the dinner to appearing in front of the other applications.

اظهار الترجمة امام التطبيقات الاخرى
To show the translation in front of other applications.

Features of English Arabic dictionary for mobile :

  • Gives you an instant upgrade as soon as you copy a word or a sentence and for
  • Provides application upgrade U Dictionay feature translation English Arabic and vice versa and any other language without the internet any you can upgrade even .
  • You can free download Arabic English dictionary
  • Lets you are among the a lot of 26 languages
  • Owns download package simple 16 MB only
  • Class in 2016 is the best application for self-improvement in general .

Link to download the English dictionary without Internet U Dictionary free

Download the app

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