Download Facebook design the all-new 2019 for both iPhone and Android

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Download Facebook design the all-new 2019 for both iPhone and Android

Facebook announced about a new version of the social network in general, whether on computers or mobile, and of course change the overall design of the home on different devices including Android and iPhone and iPad.

The company says it’s put the community front and center as a cornerstone of how the desire of the users in the interaction in the Facebook application the main.

The company has redesigned the application of the statute from scratch so that some observers stressed, however, that the beginning of the transformation to Instagram.

In this article, we will explore all the new features in the app add to a review of how to download Facebook new for both Android and iPhone.

A completely new design … Goodbye Blue color

A completely new design

The beginning of the leadership of the company to re-design their application and their disposal, the blue ribbon that always feature this social networking about the competitors.

New design is more simplified and focuses on highlighting the collections and stories, and quick access to Messenger add to the rest of the main features such as games.

The various services of the company including Facebook, Watch, memories, archives, user accessible from the basic interface.

Feature to meet new friends with Facebook

New friends with Facebook

There was also a new feature called Meet New Friends, which is that Facebook is active in the entire application to help people communicate with strangers who have common interests or connections in the real world, such as working for the same employer or go to the same school.

Facebook it merges Meet New Friends in a its new to help people meet people they may have a common interest via the internet and the fact which means that they can contact in the real world.

New features added to Facebook groups

Facebook groups

Making Facebook an effort, a concerted effort to ensure the emergence of communities in every part of the app, so will start the promotion of communities in areas such as the Marketplace and Watch.

It also creates specific tools tailored to the types of groups, such as the Coordination of the list of new groups that focus on the search for new jobs or buy buttons built-in to the live broadcast groups that focus on selling used products.

Through the new design, the company says you will also be able to post to any group you’re part of the “news summary” as if you post in your profile.

New features added to the events Facebook.

Events Facebook

For juveniles, the focus of Facebook is great to help you find things to do in your area. Containing tab “new events”, which is now located next to the tab “communities” in the planning of the new menu bar, to display a map richer to see the places that interest you near each other.

Was to facilitate and simplify the find new events, and organize your calendar, and rapid response events hosted by your friends, public events, such as concerts, that you may be interested in.

News Feed different

News Feed different

Prepare a compendium of news, the biggest source of problems for the young American, who decided to work on the suppression of web sites that depend mainly in visits on Facebook and found her on other channels such as search engine Google is bad or low.

This means that the bottom line will show the publications and the links of the pages of the sites that has a strong presence on Google and don’t rely on Facebook in visits basically.

Sites that rely on Facebook primarily is a source of news counterfeit, unfortunately this fact can not be denied anymore.

Become a Facebook tool for authoritarian in developing countries, the anchor helped in the dissemination of industry news fake, blaster, The Voice of extremists who are looking to broadcast acts of terrorism and amplified.

This company is trying to by suppressing those sites by using algorithms to display the content in the feed, towards the strengthening of communities and stories in the app and website encourage users to use it more.

Story on Facebook is currently used by 500 million users and it is expected that the company is working on the inclusion of the ads are out to take advantage of them physically, that is highlighted at the top of the app where you can watch the story from the accounts and the pages that follow.

Download Facebook design the all-new 2019 for both iPhone and Android

You can download Facebook latest version currently Facebook does not mean you will get a new design for Facebook, a design which will be released in the coming weeks and months to all users.

There is no manual way to activate the new design and the new data, the easiest way to do that is to download the new version of the app and you can download Facebook from the links below.

Download version Android download version iPhone

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