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Download clash of Kings for PC and mobile , think game clash of King Clash OF Kings is one of the newest parts of the game the famous clash of clans soon took Clash OF Clans , Plus get tasks great new which you are required to protect your castle from armies of enemies and an army of Defense Force and build fences inhibitor to protect your castle and army to attack the castles, the statement of the enemies and destroy them and it should earn the money and his growing army, all he needs is really a wonderful game and deserves to leave, you know to explain the clash of kings and the most important its advantages and you will find a link to download clash of king 2018 latest version through the subject from the site how technique .

The idea of the game clash of kings

Clash of Kings of the most famous games of the issuance of company Elex, which has announced plans to the game for more than 60 million users , the title of the game is derived from game number one in the list of the most general mobile phone developed Clash of Clans , which caused a stir and gained the admiration of millions and is one of the best 2017 , and the style of play is not different from the game Game of War: Fire Age, but the schematics I own much better, and it seems that the game is growing significantly despite the fact that the style of play own emulator, and is part of the clash of clans soon took . On this occasion issued the game a new update will be gifts for all players and extra features you can download through this article you will find a link to download the latest version of clash of Kings .

And in clash of kings you are ruler to unite the seven kingdoms in the world. To do this, you’ll have to build your kingdom from nothing, and establish the most powerful army on the planet. This strategy game Live is unlike anything you have seen before and has already enthralled thousands of players. If you think you have what it takes to claim the throne and be the absolute King

clash of kings
clash of kings

Explain the clash of kings and the way you play

Clash of kings or clash of Kings game strong and special partnership and evoke an atmosphere of competition and desire to play significantly , and within the game you can build your city and Gouge out your and collect various resources for equipment luxury, you have to equip traps you training sex get to pull off your enemies, you can train a dragon and then fight with him and use his fire ‘ spirits to your enemies, and you can set up an Arab alliance with your friends and then their participation in the campaign for kingdoms epic, you will enjoy the course with impressive visual in the game with the real stunts and the size of the game is 92 MB.

Now you have to join the battle for the advancement of the Empire-Arab Clash of Kings this game is a strategy war game which is free game have joined millions from around the world love this game in the, players of the Arab greats join Clash of Kingsأنتم closer than ever to achieve the glory of the Arab Empire of old.

شرح لعبة clash of kings
Explain the clash of kings

This is the form of the outside world and as you can see in the form of a castle that changes the higher as well as resources you can send your soldiers to be collected and the greater level of resources has increased the quantity and also there’s monsters attack them and you get the gifts if I win them .

The game where several options that help you and facilitate the process of playing you should know what shows you all the options and how you can use it :

Home : is the first option for you and once you pressed Enter to the castle you start fighting .

Quest : this choice is important that you press it to see the tasks you are required to implement and if implemented by the Get awards very rewarding resources went help you in combat just fortify your troops and you say party .

Items : this option is where two sections the first section The evidence of your values and the second market for the game just buy gold .

Mail : this option is there in mail, messages and reports .

alliance : this alliance your you press it opens you to the Alliance page and the options are many and simple and is not difficult .

And, of course, as we have said being the game clash of Kings is a strategy game in order to succeed in you have to be a farmer and a strong army in order not to lose the army, rebuild your army more than once .

What are the rules of fighting in clash of King?

  • In the ancient Battlefield players must coordinate with the kingdom of the original props and will not be implemented will not limit
  • In battle won’t die soldiers, but you’ll find clear and restore the wounded don’t need any materials, just need the time
  • When it fails the defenders defense, will make the city burn more quickly and Virgil to the attention of the freedom of the city
  • The successive victories of the few times in the stomach , and up to a certain limit ,you will get bonus points ,and what was the limit on your home the highest awards were the points of the top
  • If you are defeated after several wins, that means your Victories streak ended, the ancient knowledge will be available 24 hours every 2 hours as
  • At the end of each stage you will decide who needs the first place, and helps our stage next
  • Every stage you need to use contract war
  • And at every stage Mr. the governor will assign the site demolition phase
القتال في كلاش اوف كينج
Fighting in clash of King

What are the conditions for entering the war in the game?

  • You need to be in the castle in level 15
  • The use of pillars of war, every time I enter the war needs to hold a war, we can hold the war from the App Store, you can also access the ancient knowledge, and the goal of the stage helps you get Awards which include the props
  • The entry for the first time, don’t need the pillars of the Decade of war
  • But you gotta pay attention you gotta listen to all the wounded General to the player login again to see the old
Order level will be based on each person and the earning of points in each stage, which is about 2 hours, and at the end of these four stages will be in the first place.

How to increase your points in clash of kings is?

When the ancient battlefield is open, it will be in front of the business goals and functions of many random and when you achieve these goals would be rewarded and the more targets achieved, awards will become more , and one of the most important things that earn you points in this game is to kill the soldiers, and Victory in the siege and Defense .

And whenever a soldier killed his level higher will be the points higher you, on the contrary, everything was the soldier murdered the level of his weak will be the points weak and that’s where the points are at the highest levels of the soldier murdered and killed the soldiers by grade and tie the two sides do not earn any points .

تجميع الموارد و الذهب
The pooling of resources and gold

Features of the game clash of Kings latest version for Android and iPhone

  • This game is the best Battleship game strategy and the millions of players from around the world are trying and speak more than 32 languages of different languages.
  • You can download the game for free and you can play at any time and from any place.
  • Provides game effects fantastic and real and alive and exciting.
  • You must build your castle, train soldiers, and then attack the enemies and defend the attacks of the invaders.
  • Being an alliance with your friends and get support, as alliances of others, the world and you’re a king in your kingdom.
  • Continue to chat with members of your Alliance and other players back and attack them and with the members of your Alliance against the enemies.
  • Battles and wars multiplayer PVP online. You’re not the only one who seeks to be king of Kings! There are thousands of Princes of the competitors present.

How to play clash of Kings on PC

Of course you can easily play the clash of clans soon took on the computer and that using the best software simulator for android on PC is bluestacks bluestacks is a very special being is absolutely free and allows players to search the vast Google Play Store and download their favorite games and apps directly to their computers .

And install Clash of Kings on your computer, you will first need to download the free BlueStacks Android emulator through the link in this thread , and the download and installation process is a quick process, and once it is finished you will be able to research in a wide range of titles available for download to your PC and Mac.

clash of kings for pc
clash of kings for pc

No more worrying about expensive data plans or wasting storage space on your mobile devices. Game Clash of Kings on PC and Mac is more easy by using your computer’s mouse and the ability to chat with your friends, and browse the web while playing will make your time more fun.

Download bluestacks for PC

Link download game clash of kings 2018 for iPhone and Android

Download game Android

Download the game for iPhone


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