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Calendar Hijri 1439 and Gregorian date 2018

Today’s date is Hijri and the Hijri calendar of the important things and that can’t be found with high precision easily and that we need to get to a lot of religious occasions such as the ten of dhul hijjah and the date of Arafat day and the first day of Eid al-Adha , there’s a lot of applications that offer you the service of Islamic calendar or Hijri date field that converts the date from Hijri to Gregorian where it’s at sometimes be wrong , But we are always looking for applications that facilitate us tasks and services with high quality and precision such as converting date from Hijri to Gregorian days calendar lets you convert Hijri Gregorian hijri to gregorian for free , and it is known that the iPhone comes with a calendar that included Apple within calendar alternative this for users Arabs and Muslims specifically who prefer to use the Hijri calendar along with Gregorian , In the topic of website How does the technique offer you the best way to find out the Hijri date hijri calendar and date day Hijri easily through the Application download Hijri calendar for iPhone free .

Additional Hijri calendar for iPhone and know the Hijri date

Given the importance of the Islamic calendar when Muslims , we present the application of the Hijri calendar for the faith of the free which serves for Muslims many of the services added to address the Hijri date or the date of the day Ah is also important. conversion of Hijri calendar or convert the date from Hijri to Gregorian also considered a calendar of events, religious and administrative appointments and the time where they remind you been registered at any certain also take some account for religious occasions such as get the start of dhul hijjah and Eid al-Adha al Mubarak the holy month of Ramadan .

Of course, despite the fact that Apple provided this feature but there are apps independent specialist in the Hijri calendar Hijri Calender it one of the most famous of these applications which is called the Hijri calendar which is from the software enseeyab available on the App Store for free.

The app will tell its more than 800 thousand users in the Arab world, not to mention that he has a long history where it was released first time in 2011 and it constantly gets updates that add more features and improve the overall performance.

Currently, this app works on devices running iOS 8.0 and the latest includes the For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it supports both Arabic and English to serve all Muslims in all countries of the world.

Assessment on the store, the App Store is very positive as well as the reviews written by users about in the store, which is professional in general and you have experience in it, not the work of amateurs.

And of course there are many advantages of paid in the app which you have purchased, which control the order of icons vs. 3.69 Saudi riyals, and you can also change the beginning of the week $ 3.69 Saudi riyals besides getting the calendar all work $ 14.99 SAR and get a collection of possible $ 7.99 SAR, and also the advantage to determine the direction of qibla by the camera measuring 3.69 Saudi riyals.

The date of Eid al-Adha 1439 vacation of Eid al-Adha

Was to determine the date of vacation of Eid al-Adha in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the number of her days, free of Eid al-Adha is the second Eid of Muslims and called it “ the great feast ” features a number of manifestations of delight and joy the main ones offering the sacrifice and go out for the Eid prayer, and other habits of visiting relatives upholding the ties of kinship and to congratulate the Muslims of some of some of the coming feast, forget the timing of Eid prayers and the feast, where he wonders a lot about the date of Eid al-Adha 2018 and the pause Arafat, was to be obtained staff and workers in the private sector on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

The date of Eid al-Adha 2018, and everyone starts in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait to identify the tables tourism during Eid al-Adha so that the opportunity to change the normal daily routine of relaxation and remoteness from the pressures of work and life, has adopted a lot of the people of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE to spend the Eid al Adha holidays in Tours, internal or external in any of the countries of Europe.

It is known that the first day of Eid al-Adha is facing 10 dhu al-hijjah of each year Hijri not Muslims in the first ten days in this month by fasting and fittings to the rites of the slaughter of a sacrifice which recommended that we have our religion so it will be Sunday is a green month of the Hijri new first, be a pause Arafat on Monday, August 20, the first day of Eid al-Adha on Tuesday, 21 August

Modify the Hijri date in the iPhone ios 10


تعديل التقويم الهجري
Modify the calendar


Developers have worked to make this app integrated and representative of Kiev sing users to use many applications of Islamic religious which says the benefits of superior, and therefore the accumulation of the phone applications will not use all of the user.

And also the developers on the side of design and that by working to improve the experience of usage and make the app streamlined in parallel with the many advantages and services provided by them in general.

Features and characteristics of the Hijri calendar Hijri Calender on iPhone

التقويم الهجري 1439
Calendar Hijri 1439


Correction of Hijri date for iPhone and find out the date today Ah

Features of the app that offers you calendar Hijri a A. D. a together and open on the past years and the next also, you can enter appointments and tasks that you want to do and determine time and day with set the icon for each date to be special.

And of course you can remove any date you want or the amendment simply in the application, not to mention also about the possibility to set an alarm for appointment reminders by time shortly.

The app presents local events and religious as you can add the special occasions in your country of your family and you personally, such as your birthday and the birthday of your relatives.

The app comes with a widget prayer times and dates this Addendum also supports the times of sunrise and times of sunset in the new version.

You can in the application set the Gregorian calendar to be the key and you can leave it on high, and here it is clear to us that the application was designed to be the Calendar application only on your device.

تنزيل التقويم الهجري للايفون
Download Hijri calendar for iPhone

In addition, the application supports the feature of Repeat appointments when recording the new dates and also view all appointments monthly in one list, as it supports to take backup of all data stored and copy it to a new device for you or as entity nothing happens to your phone and lose your data, appointments, and.

When you click on any date to show the + Sign in the table in an intelligent manner between the materials which causes which follows the date that you choose !This feature is very important will help in knowing the position of the new material in between appointments the other .
When recording more than a date on the same day shows the date box number refers to the number of appointments recorded on the same day as it is automatically coloring the background of the dates in the table, the color of uniform making it easier to know the dates recorded in one day .
Coloring is for appointments that have elapsed in the current month are grayed in order to show you the dates of the remaining clearly , of course with water prior to remove the table up automatically for the nearest date .
Can choose the time that suits you for the summary of the appointments for today and tomorrow .

Convert date from Hijri to Gregorian for iPhone hijri to gregorian

It is new services in the previous version we find the conversion of Gregorian date into Hijri or vice versa, as that you can within the app now share appointments with friends and family, and also added 80 new icon which you can tend to her appointments.

تحويل التقويم الهجري لميلادي
Convert calendar Hijri the birth of my

And that’s not all, the application should be with the timing of the cross voice if you like, and shows the possibility of delaying the Isha prayer during the month of Ramadan, as it supports full synchronization with the calendar iPhone and thus data transfer.

When you click on any date will show you the time exactly remaining does not, as it helps you in locating the qiblah in any place with identification on your geographical location in order to provide you with the prayer times are correct according to the forecasts of your local in any country.

Download Islamic calendar Hijri Calender iPhone

There are about 1 million users of this application are active and they use it on the iPhone, even if the application is not so great. haven’t gained this month that the number of users permanent, the truth is it’s recommended to try and will myself, if it suits you or not, and to do that you can now download it for free from the App Store.

Download Hijri calendar

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