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The biggest site for clothes and all the tools kids mumzworld 2018

Market more is the best way to help moms and meet their requests and the needs of her children, reliable and available at any time of the most important sites of the electronic registration reserved for them and the child , easily you can buy everything you need it to the child market, mumzworld is the best shopping site for baby clothes from the internet and not only on clothes but also offers all supplies for mother and Child and all the tools and supplies to create the ideal environment and the health of the child .

Read this topic from our site how technique to learn more on the app store more where you can download it on phones Android and iPhone you will find the download links down , so you can easily buy everything you need mother and child , where mothers can find all their needs from clothing & accessories maternity to Tools, hygiene and health care, strollers, games, educational award-winning tools, feeding, textbooks and magazines, educational and many more .. know more on meet the UAE through this project .

What is the market mumzworld – site supplies it and the baby?

Mumzworld - اكبر متجر لوازم الام والطفل
Mumzworld – the largest supplies store mommy and baby

More is the largest shopping destination online in the Middle East for mother and baby , offers the widest selections of products for pregnant women and children up to the age of 12 years.

In a world centered around mobile technology and where the creativity comes in the first place, the website is more an online comprehensive and necessary development in the life of the mother is busy to provide everything you need from tools and supplies to care for her and the baby know through this topic more about this website, and the most important organizations that provides .

You can purchase on the website more.Com: baby clothes from the most important brands of the world and complete supply of children since their birth up to the age of adolescence, in addition to the processing of children’s bedrooms and children and the distributions of the dates of the dresses construction and for the baby, diapers and kids games and much more. And of course for the significant amount of products website , where you will find to meet everything you need during your pregnancy like dresses pregnant classy good for all occasions, provides you with secure payment and easy service return quick.

Application mumzworld the biggest clothing stores in the dates

Allows the application of more mothers using their phone for delivery across the full width of the products, and easily search products and compare between them, and save the favorite choices among the list of in-app shopping, as well as found on all you want to know to make decisions to purchase .

تطبيق ممزورلد
The application of more

Apply more becoming considered one of the most important applications that you have on the game possess special moms as it provides you a lot of time and effort to provide the needs of the child and the pregnancy, plus the development of the child , which makes it easy to care the baby like application Baby Monitor audio and video baby monitor .

And to make mothers ‘ lives easier and will add new features unique to the app every two weeks, while the group would work in the more important search for all that is new and follow the latest home trends and products available, so you won’t have mothers dissident attempts to waste time and worry about it.

The app also provides a streamlined experience for users of iOS and Android, so comes equipped with cutting-edge security systems, SSL data encryption, which makes applications secure, maintains the privacy of the details. Regardless of the brand or the type of credit card or debit card, the application more accept any payment methods, and also allows cash payment on delivery, and also via PayPal.

الدفع في متجر ممزورلد الالكتروني للاطفال
Pay in stores more electrons for the kids

More now available in Saudi Arabia mumzworld ksa

Must be platform retail e-commerce is the largest in the Middle East and North Africa to the needs of the mother and Child and babies meet in the middle of 2017, provide products by growing the 120,000 brands global, regional, leading, via the interface, use the unique stores, are designed according to the tastes of the mothers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

By providing website users from inside Saudi Arabia only, come to this step the balance part of the mission market moved to harmonize its website according to the nature of each market, thus improving the shopping experience through custom content, deals and promotions areas of the country. When you use the site More as soon as you click on the icon of the country you can convert from UAE to Saudi Arabia, you’ll be able to mothers in Saudi Arabia browse the site more easily, find products and services that are in line with this market specifically, especially since the default settings provide content in Arabic and the prices in Saudi riyals.

How to use the website More how to use them all.

Shopping in the shopping site More :

Before anything to be able to buy supplies for mother and child from the site mumzworld you need to register and set up an account in the site, but you can browse through the products and found on the Subaru site content without registering, but of course you need to register at the site to be able to purchase and take advantage of offers and reductions weekly and seasonal .

شرح التسجيل في ممزورلد
Explain the recording in more

And you can register easily by clicking on new account and start to enter the required data from you such as name, family name and email address and password, you can register to link with your Facebook account and it’s easy for you to interact with users in a blog moms that offer to tips on the child & motherhood and help you in buying useful products to .

Shop baby clothes online

Start shopping now in front of searching for a home or renovation that you would like to purchase them specifically, you can write his name in the search box to show you directly, but to write it the right way so you get what you want , or use the labels menu at the top to view all products listed under that classification, and within each classification you will find subdivisions enable you to determine your choice more.

Site More gives you many of the classifications and products that you can purchase, such as diapers and special food flattered by all the period of the age, and things necessary to maintain the health of the baby and clothes and games and also tools the child that you need both or when you travel , And furniture baby and the most important stories and textbooks or other that benefit your child and the games learning and you will find too rated for tools school and there is a workbook for moms offers no all you need need and nursing clothing and all the necessary its to take care of yourself during pregnancy and child care, and food and the interest in and the skin and body .

And you can search for a brand that want to use their products : to do so click on the mark button in the main page of the site you’ll see a page of all the brand in the site click on the logo of the brand that you are looking for you will proceed directly to the page that the brand that displays the full products at the website and things are possible here that the site offers to more than 600 global brand .

اهم الماركات العالمية في سوق ممزورلد
The most important global brands in the market more

Click on the Add to list my wishes, under the desired product or you want to purchase will be added directly to the list of your wish. You can also add notes, not to know what reason you want to buy or purchase date planned.

How do you get the best products from the site mumzworld is?

In order to have many important and safe product you want to buy it all you have to do is to click on the button Add to compare under each product would like to compare, and as soon as you add them with the click on the button “compare”. A new window will appear containing information comparison of selected products in terms of specifications, the price, weight, brand, size and color.

الشراء من تطبيق ممزورلد
The purchase of the application more

What’s the solution in case you find a product desirable to buy it?

If you don’t find the product you want to buy it at the site more, click on the button and ask the Forum of the Fund provided in any page of the site and will make every effort from the community to provide the region and also let you know when it is available .


Link to download the application to meet the purchase needs of your child online mumzworld

Download link for Android

Download link for iPhone


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