Download Messenger Lite Messenger Lite This its features and the difference between him and the messenger of the regular

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Download Messenger Lite Messenger Lite This its features and the difference between him and the messenger regular

Is Facebook Messenger a popular messaging systems available today, despite his popularity not everyone needs a powerful application such as the messenger, and for this reason the company decided the American version of it, called Messenger Lite .

What is Facebook Messenger Lite Messenger Litefor?

Messenger Lite Messenger Lite is an Android app, not only includes the basic features of the development of Messenger standard.

You can easily send text, images, links, posters to anyone on Messenger or Messenger Lite, you can even video chat with friends a new feature since March 2018.

Includes application Messenger standard on additional features such as games, stories, and additions, messages and machinery of the trademark and, on the other hand works Messenger Lite to focus everything on one thing and one thing only, namely, correspondence.

The result is a messaging app simpler and less annoying not occupying a large storage capacity or consumes a significant amount of processing or uses a lot of data or needs to contact a good internet.

How it works Facebook Messenger Lite?

ماسنجر لايت ، Messenger Lite

How it works Facebook Messenger Lite

Works Messenger Lite is very similar to how application Messenger standard or normal, but instead of seeing many of the menu options bottom of the screen (in addition to more at the top), you will see only three tabs represent the major essential features of inquiry.

Home (area code) point of contact (code two) and students (the code profile picture) located at the top of the screen.

When you click on an existing conversation or start a new message, you will notice almost all the buttons are the same found in the same places just as you see in the standard application.

You can write your message in the text field, or send photos or files, or record a message to send, or send the poster I like, or call a friend over the phone, and start a video conversation, the display file definition of a friend, the possibility of muted conversations as well as the Prohibition of contacts.

The difference between the messenger and the regular application Messenger Lite Messenger Lite

ماسنجر لايت ، Messenger Lite

Messenger regular application Messenger Lite Messenger Lite

Although Messenger Lite includes the basic features of the three main areas of the standard or regular, he wondered if there were any significant differences in how these basic features, you know below on how they differed little from the standard app.

Will appear the inbox your message, located in the Home tab, in the simpler than it is in the regular version, instead of the participation of different sections such as who is currently active, and the latest conversations and favorite, your, are displayed inbox the simplest and.

When you switch to the tab “contacts” in the Messenger Lite, you will only see a list of people who use either Messenger or Messenger Lite (in addition to the search field at the top to quickly search for a specific friend).

This is much simpler compared to the application of the standard, which features options to scan the codes to friends or invite friends or view contact requests or add friends by phone number or upload your contacts or show all your Facebook friends in alphabetical order.

You know the tab “profile” less likely group of settings compared to the application of the standard, you have no code friends can scan it, there is no user name to copy it or edit it, or there are no settings of the story or the secret talks.

However, what you can still do on Messenger Lite is to configure the notifications and sounds and sync your contacts from your device and display the applications messages and switch between accounts.

Don’t need Messenger Lite Messenger Lite to the internet connection is strong or large storage capacity, unlike the standard version or the regular.

Proud developers of Messenger Lite Messenger Lite the user experience of the application of chat in developing markets including the Middle East and North Africa.

Download Messenger Lite Messenger Lite Free

The app is available officially from Facebook for several years and it gets more updates and improvements on the level of speed and even the nurses that gets them.

Used by millions of users is one of the best application of chat and instant users phones low cost.

Download version Android

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