Download Net Cut to cut the net of connected to another issue

Download net program mute Net Cut , the program will need to if you suffer from the weakness of the net for the presence of more than one person connected on the same Wi-Fi network, I was also a stallion of this problem be on our site cart integration, where the solution to the and by download net mute Net Cut , we’ll leave you direct download link by clicking once will download the program.

Includes for download net program is mute on how to download the software and how to use it, such as the Prohibition of some of the devices that you want her, and that you select the speed and time if you want too, and what kind of features are specific to this program, simply to be sure that this program is the solution to your problem and makes you turn in connected devices how you want.

What are the tasks performed by the program Netcut

Net program Mute is download Wi-your attacks or so-called penetration, which is a program working on targeting the LAN to be able to gain access to the private address for devices connected to the network and knows the IP.

But don’t expect it, I hack only in the days in the current there’s nothing more dangerous and called the DDoS that is what I will know more in this article How to protect themselves from these intrusions.

What is the program net, mute and link analysis

NetCut is a program dedicated to protect your Network from vulnerabilities and intrusions, it’s not a program only for protection, there are a lot, but this is the most programs are prevalent because it’s easy to use and very light and displays all devices in the series too, and you can download it from the following link.


But more importantly, it detects denial of service attacks, and does the job a scanner for your PC or network using application net, mute, and from within these options and the Prohibition of the arrival of the internet its certain and is placed in the left hand as shown in the following picture:

Will and download program net mute

You can go to the official website of the program from the following link to determine the net program is mute, or download it from here, but from the main site you will see two copies of the computer Netcut Defender as an application on the desktop, and Netcut v3.5 issue one of the front Web and the ease in use, as to analyze what you like and easier for you.

Note: don’t forget to select the option to start the WinPcap during the tracklist as in the following picture:

Now run the program and you will open a page of your web browser, all the elements and the user interface is very simple and direct, there is no language or interface of choice, and you will see some tags like Users, Options, Pro, Records, and there is a button glows green or red light and this means that the program NetCut is running or stop at the current time.

How to use the program NetCut

Net program mute possesses a lot of uses and characteristics will remind them you know what is doing this program after downloading.

In the beginning you can control all the enemies connected with you on the web to allow them or not using the internet depending on your desire or in a drag the device you want to block him from using the internet or select no speed to offer by browsing on the internet it is quick without any problems in a slow net transfer of the device to the box to the jail as shown in the following picture.

This software can also to know you IP IP your connected devices and display the names of devices that are in front of you to determine what device that you want to detail about online and is very excellent to help you to solve all your problems if someone uses a netbook are big.

Features download program net mute

Control panel : here are the most distinctive of the program is the control panel that exist in the program, stinking mute, whether Windows 7 or Windows 10, is a plate to give you everything you want connected users to determine the way to deal with them, do you ban their final or do you specify the speed of them.

Language support : this program is more than a copy in more than one language, such as Arabic and English that distinguishes the program it’s available for all states if the vehicle or make it, then download the program net mute something essential on any device at the moment to protect the network from hack.

Ease of use : the software comes with one very easy and there is no preparation a lot of worthless but is a special program display IP IP your users, and settings offered by the program is so easy as banning one of the users or to determine the speed by indicator blue when you move the device the box the jail.


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