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Talk in this article about download net software free for PC . IT programmes specific to the internet and handling are subject to many of the programs that enjoy all of the benefits of his own. So, we give you in this article collection software not to provide your device with many of the bonus features. Find browsers, the internet gives annoying adverts. And programmes to improve the computer to the router. And programmes to address and measure the speed of the internet and also the software to run the Games, heavy games, light. All this and more you find in programs net. We give you here the most important of these programs.

It also offers you the Arabic site almost everything is new and unique in the world of software belonging to the computer partition and Faith also. This site is big enough for the both of which go the online world and software of all kinds and types. Also find here the reviews of the latest phones that are invading the markets and act through the articles here on the prices of the phones have its advantages and disadvantages. Among the important articles here mention. Prices phones Evo 11 for the month of November 2019. Here you will find a lot of helpful articles that have to chase them. Now they are learning on the most important net software that you can download for free for PC.

Participated for the networking sites

Download net software free for PC

First: download browser sound jet computer

برامج نت

Here we are in front of the browser from the browser open source. It features a sound browser jet at high speed to enter the months sites. We all definitely get into the social networking sites too hard, these sites contain publications, Photos, Videos need high speed to be downloaded in record time. It is these sites find Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and others. And of course you need to browser high-speed to by speed Internet good emitted from the router of the internet service. And here you find that the best browser so it is web browser Slimjet.

And that the browser sound jet enjoy super-fast download files from Gmail or Yahoo or any platform to another. The browser bar tools which contains the most important sites that you need to boil it is always such a range of sites that have been mentioned in the lines preceding. He is a strong competitor to Google Chrome and opera and Firefox and other browsers other which gained wide acclaim in the circles of internet users. As you find in this site features difficult to find in another browser, they need to know the conditions of the atmosphere and in the current day and in the days ahead.

Bali no doubt benefit from this feature benefited extremely in to take all the necessary precautions, especially it you are travelling to a country or another city and want to know the weather out. As you can through the browser Slimjet dealing with banking electronic securely, and without exposing the data of your credit card compromised. This is of course thanks to the browser’s ability to encrypt your data so no one can see it and then steal it. Win enables you to download the browser proper gate for PC for free by clicking on the following link.


Download Google Chrome browser Google Chrome

برامج نت

Of course dear readers, you know that we are talking here about months browsers the net. It is the browser that is frequently searched by internet users strongly, which is characterized by the Google Chrome. That browser, which has its high speed in access to all websites, but except for those sites that have been blocked in my country due to the government or other reasons, there will need to program in me. But we are here to talk about google chrome. This browser was created in 2008. Was created and designed to be quick and light in size so fits with most computers, laptops, and also to fit with the speed of internet is low.

And speaking of the browser interface, you find that reality easy, simple and free of any complexity. Where to find the search box on the sites pages and programs net wave in the middle. As you can the browser know the rest of the search words you automatically, so as to reach the position you want without so much effort and more than worth it. It also displays your browser on the wording of the correct word you are looking for something if you type it wrong. You can refer Lai the result of the research I have done at any time through the history of your browser, and you can download the browser through the following link.


Download the program Connectify to improve your pc to the router

برامج نت

The conceit of the wonderful programs that feature rare and don’t believe they are available in one of the programs of the computer or laptop. This feature is turning your PC or laptop to the center of the distribution of the signal to the internet for devices other. It it is spot is integrated to the computer once you download and install the program Connectify. Through this program, you will be able to set up a Wi-Fi network or wireless parallel network router of the internet service. It will become your computer as a router of devices other online service, whether computer, smart phone or TV.

Add water to a large the former that have been mentioned in the lines of the previous four. There is a feature to another in the program Connectify. It is your ability to fully control the properties of the internet hyphenation for other devices of different types. Where you can change the network name and change the password of your network to prevent any intruder from entering the network without your knowledge. It is here that you can also control the speed of your internet network from your PC. So the definition of some part of the network and its partners for volunteers who want to link to this network. It’s really a great program and you can download it through the following link.


Download browser pal Moon The Pale Moon

برامج نت

Our date now, dear readers, with the new browser of browsers that will help you a lot of access to websites the to you easily and super fast. Where you can open all social networking websites at high speed and compete with global browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox Internet Explorer Opera and others. So that the browser pal-Moon uses Windows browser Firefox known, but it outperforms it in terms of access to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and others.

If we talked about the browser interface, you won’t need to the person sitting next to you and rubbed you the tools and how to use them. Owing to the ease of Use and they are free of complexity and easy on the big and small deal for them. It also provides you with Browser pale moon complete safety in the use and access of sites without exposure to viruses users to malicious sites to steal bank information and the hackers and the Lakers. You’re dealing with Browser Security offers you high speed browsing websites. It also does not allow one to request on the websites that I designed in order to be safe for your device and your information.

How parents can talk in the content provided to their children. Where the browser this feature is to prevent the arrival of sons or of children to undesirable materials community and religion. You can download it through the following link. We provide you a download link for Windows 64 bit


As for the version of Windows 32 bit, you can download it through the following link.


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