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The game that we talk about in this article is one of the most useful games youngsters and especially students, helping them develop a professional mindset through a set of numbers, arithmetic, and required the player to up numbers similar to some or up multiples of these numbers are even moves to the next level including other and so, for those who don’t know how to play can follow-up article where we provide the company.

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Space game

Containing the game area on the grid of numbers inside the hexagon colored according to the drawing, and the name of the game, show the numbers 2, 4 and 8 in principle only, as you advance in the game properly according to the rules, the new show numbers of complications preliminary figures.

The rules of the game and play

The game has very simple rules, where depends on the relationship between the numbers, come the rules in the game as follows :

  • First rule : the player must start associating the two numbers are alike, the player can deliver the numbers in any direction up or down or right or even the left can be connected to lines and herringbone also.
  • Second rule : following the Connect number are the same. you can plug thus provided to be of the same number or even its complications, for example, you can connect the negative 2-4-4 or 4-4-8 or even 2 – 2-2-4-8 etc., you can connect a long string of numbers in accordance with this rule.
  • Second rule : count the total numbers that you have connected based on multiples of 2, and adds the total to the final mark at the top every time you call between the numbers, the fourth rule is that the game ends when you can’t tie the two numbers together.

لعبة 2248 Hexa‏ للاندرويد

The tools help in the game

There are some tools that help you solve the puzzle and connect the numbers in an easier way and remove dead ends you may encounter during the call the numbers, for the appearance of the tools that you have to see it commercially for several seconds, after this the tool will show the tip of the tool to delete the numbers.

Show tool Tips the numbers visible in a way prominent and clear, while the increase tool to delete the numbers any number that represents an obstacle in the registration process, and can change the background of the operating area to many of the images of the button in the bottom left of the screen.

2248 HEXA


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