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Program download avast Best Antivirus avast 2018

Download avast or any other program you virus Avast Antivirus 2018 is necessary for all electronic devices-phones or Android devices, portable , protect the device from damage caused by the virus of electronic , that’s where the Android of the most popular operating systems the inventors and hackers and software viruses for different purposes, working day and night to take advantage of gaps in the damage with the others and use it for various purposes up to encrypt files and close them and demand a ransom to unlock it do not , we find many looking for the best software you virus for PC or mobile , In this topic offer you from the website how the technique of program avast, which is one of the best programs anti-virus avast 2018 and download avast 2018 Android is simple you can do by get on of the download links on the bottom of this article , with an explanation of the importance of the services and features that you can find when you download avast 2018 the mobile phone .

Information on the application of avast to clean Android

Program avast is one of the names that can be heard, in the case of the use of computers over the past years it is sure you use it before on this hardware, or noticed the ads or had been proposed by another program and so on.

The program avast Avast Antivirus 2018 you virus one of the most powerful virus protection software is a better choice. for anyone who wants to get the integrated protection of charge Toilet security and malware also, this wonderful program is very popular around the world where the number of devices that are working on program avast you virus more than 220 million PC and mobile because the company developer of the program is working and periodically make software is a better choice. users of all classes .

And make the program available for all devices became download avast for Android using easily available through google play and the iPhone app is also available for all other systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows iPhone, Mac, Android, Samsung and other this has enabled the company developer of access for so many users .
This fact black. what’s scary is what makes you as a user are looking for an honest application secures your phone and works to repel the attacks and prevent downloading suspicious apps and open the page which contains the files and commands of destruction that abound in the internet these days.

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Of course, the program avast Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android is one of apps anti-virus trade, available today on Google Play millions of smart phones and tablet computers.

The app is free and is of the development of the Avast Software which is a software company take from Prague, Czech Republic-based with a long experience in the field given that it has started its activity in the field since 1991 which is 25 years at least of anti-virus protection of devices connected to the internet and always and all the time with viruses.

And, of course, has scooped this app half a million downloads from Google Play and received a positive assessment of a specific 4.5 out of 5, and gets updates continuously with the continued innovation of viruses, monitor and find solutions so the app’s ability to monitor and open the file that contains them regardless of the extension, nature and its role.

You know on the browser of avast for PC through download browser avast via following article : download browser avast your computer
  • Why is it necessary to use the program you virus on Android today?

تحميل تطبيق افاست للاندرويد
Download apps avast for Android

Not a lot of smartphone users to the idea of the threat of viruses and they believe that the threat focuses only on computers, whereas in fact the focus of hackers and groups specialized in waging cyber attacks on mobile because we’re in the era of smart phones and is the most prevalent even in developing and emerging markets may find someone has a smart phone, while does not possess a computer or you may have it but not using it always.

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And realizes who is behind the virus that Mobile is extremely important because it includes personal photos, videos and files of sensitive information and also apps social networking and a large part of the user’s privacy and his life and relationships this is tempting for them to launch attacks on these devices in the first place.

As Android does not receive security updates only have many phones of phones the Google booth and Google Nexus phones and flagship from Samsung and Lenovo and some high-end phones from Huawei and best get BlackBerry phones that work with this system updates and security enhancements from the Canadian company, these remain gaps can exist in the majority of devices which threatens millions of users.

  • Features program antivirus avast Arabic Avast Mobile Security 2018 – Antivirus & AppLock

مميزات تطبيق افاست الخاص
And avast your

Program works avast Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android comprehensive protection to your phone through a thorough examination of all files of alopecia Your and also files parts system and search for viruses and spy orders and the flow of temporary that come with the applications, to search for all programs installed on your phone.

At the same time, the app works in the background to monitor the activities of applications and its independence orders to sabotage warning of it, and also the analysis of the design process for web sites and download harmful files or login pages that pose a threat to your phone.

Firewall powerful in-app functions also it forms a barrier to prevent implantation of files in your phone, as it goes it on your phone in a comprehensive manner, watching the incoming applications and outgoing activities of the applications and files to the memory and connected to Internet points free Wi-Fi and any processes you don’t see you in the background watching her, and any suspicious activity with your news.

Works avast program Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android also works on making sure that your privacy is protected through control of the powers the applications that are used to prevent any suspicious activities or bad in this regard.

اهم مميزات افاست مكافح الفيروسات
The most important features of avast antivirus

You can also filter the incoming phone calls and volunteers and checking text messages and chat messages and all your communications to prevent receiving any virus or malicious file, plant it in your phone without your knowledge.

The application is characterized by one software beautiful, attractive and easy to use while providing a lot of options and possibilities strong and provide the results and the status of protection of your phone and provide you with tips and on the overall control of your device without compromising speed Internet connection and general performance of the system and your phone.

It is more brilliant in the application of avast it protects your phone from theft as you can monitor it in case it gets lost through the advantage of locate phone gps with the possibility to lock The phone remotely wipe the memory applications for informed robber, or a party that has become owned the phone after it is lost.

It also provides you to clean the memory and delete garbage files and speed up performance of the phone it is not a protection program but also the program of cleaning and creating for your development and performance.

Link to download the program avast Arabic phones Android

The app is free and available on Google Play which displays ads from time to time, and to prevent these ads you can pay some money to remove it.

But in general the free version is great and powerful and usually receive a lot of updates and are comprehensive to prevent every virus and to prevent your smart phone from receiving malicious commands or trade it.

You can download the app from the following link tip: don’t use more than antivirus in your phone and that to avoid disease, poor performance

Download the app

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