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FileMaster file manager on a mobile phone and categorize your files on your device , you can download the program file manager easily on your mobile phone the various types of operating systems Android, iPhone OS , this is one of the best software listening files , helps you apply the FileMaster also on the exchange of files and any content you want to transfer it to any other mobile phone , easily access to your files and the content of your phone as it displays all the content of the file in a way that is tidy and attractive , You know through this thread to talk about the file manager app FileMaster from the website how the technique of the most important characteristics of and services provided by the application to the user , also you’ll find a link to download the program FileMaster for Android faith free down topic .

مدير الملفات في الهاتف filemaster
The file manager in the phone filemaster


It is known that the file manager default in Android phones and iPhone different phone the particular company to another depending on the interface software and the operating system, but what unites them all it is simplified and does not offer strong potential as it is for program file manager FileMaster.

A file manager that we’re talking about here is compatible with all android devices such as Galaxy, Xperia and HTC phones, Huawei, LG and also Blackberry and ZTE, and Motorola, and Lenovo and the rest of the Android phones, in addition to the iPhone.

Not only task of this app for file management and exploration and facilitation of access to and classification to the images, videos, documents, folders and acoustics, but also enables users to facilitate the transfer of files from one phone to another based on technologies such as Wi-Fi.

In addition to the foregoing, we find that the program file manager FileMaster features in one software is easy to handle, which is integrated and also includes the storage of files across various cloud services.

An integrated program does not work only on clean files and explore but also protecting them from loss and accessed was file the account and stored on the device.

Ranked this app among the first rank in 30 countries, and is the best manager of files on different smart phone devices.

Features so many possibilities to program file manager FileMaster

ادارة الملفات و الصور
The management of files and images

Instead of looking in the settings for the storage space consumed for each of the applications and other data and try to search about other files, the open the program file manager FileMaster ensures that you get a list of all the files on your phone.

This means that it will not forget any file stored in any folder, and everything will be in front of you, and here you will be able to organize the files easily again.

The same application works on open documents inside it, which features reader documents and reader of films and videos in many formats, including avi/flv/rmvm/rm/mov/mp4/mp3/wma/m3u8 reader voice and you can browse photos stored on your device and preview them all.

Displays the file manager FileMaster all files stored in both internal memory of the device or storage card the external SD Card.

The app also supports the transfer of files from one folder to another and create more of them and delete the files and also send it to the storage card the external SD Card or move to internal memory.

It is called app find select several files at the same time whether to move it or delete it or select all the files in a certain area and so on.

In addition to the foregoing, we find that the app supports file transfer from Galaxy to iPhone easily, especially given that there are significant problems in this regard and the same it’s also an iPhone to Android phones, especially iPhone do not support Bluetooth so the file manager FileMaster is the solution.

مدير الملفات file master
File Manager file master

And the app needs to do were iPhone or installing ROMs especially for Android and break the warranty of the device, which does not require you anything extra to install it on your device and start using it.

You can use the app to upload files to cloud storage services such as Dropbox ,SkyDrive and Box the rest of the service is the competition easily and in a secure connection with your account.

Do not assume the functions of the app at this, but he’s also trying to maintain your privacy on your device by masking your files and also set the passwords for the apps and files that I don’t want anyone to access in case the phone is stolen or accessed by someone.

The app supports all file types including compressed files and also the various images all can read and access it.

Link to download the program file manager FileMaster for Android

برنامج ادارة الملفات و الصور
Programme management files and images

The app is available free for iPhone and Android and the various models and versions, and you can pay $ 2.99 to remove the ads that it displays from time to time.

You can download the app from Google Play for Android phones

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