Download program Share apps share apps on Android phones

Link to download the program Share apps device

Now through the program Share apps you can share any application on your phone the Do phone anyone else through program participation application easy for you to exchange apps Android without Internet without having to download later or world Android , easy for you to process the Exchange application and send it via any sharing platform such as Bluetooth or apps screen or through the Wii-Fi Direct™, you know us more about the program, Share apps to share Android applications with another phone , and what is sheer Epsom , Go read the topic of the site how technique to find the download link directly to develop SharePoint Epsom share apps APK .

Suffering many of users of camphor, mobile phones, the difficulty of sharing files and data with each other of slow life history, particularly by using the case of Bluetooth, but with the program Share apps is to overcome all these problems and difficulties, the programme of her dressed up like super fast file transfer, whatever its size .

What is cher Epsom share apps

Program she ebbs share apps is a program or a means to share files of pictures of music video programs between different devices

مشاركة التطبيقات
Share applications

With her Epsom Apps Share to the degree that now watch analyze the wonderful with your existing friends and acquaintances, as to the degree of participation games all analyze whether existing on the Google Play Store or not, you only need to Tehran the program of her dressed up in addition to send a program file she dressed up to your friends, then start now in the Exchange, analyze the games and programs your banned for free and easily received via Wi-Fi network, if she dressed up of analyze is very important for each of the proposed smart phone .

مشاركة تطبيقات الاندرويد
Watch apps Android

Says she dressed up you can watch analyze that like on the phone with the basic principles by sending them message him, email or message of texts about applied with the link between applied included in the message. Iran Tehran easily from one sent directly to the page and analyze the market need

Is very important to help friends to download the app that no longer can be found or that they have problems in the download, alone, as it can be you of file-sharing platforms social networking is different.

Software download shareapps

If you have a phone running Android an impassable the right way so easy and possible to share videos, photos and games through this wonderful program and will send these files via the shared with the device sending the file very easily. this software is free you will not need to purchase the program, we’ll call today free

Download app Share Apps program Android to see the apps and programs and games of Android installed on your device to another device in APK format or file city dad setup you can send any program or game you’ve downloaded from the App Store to your device or devices of your friends that are running Android as the real APK and then install on any other device .

تحميل تطبيق share apps
Download app share apps

The program supports sending apps directly in APK format Bluetooth or share it via Facebook, facebook or via Google Drive or email and / or via the Dropbox Dropbox and other ways to participate other .Last year Android in APK format , send programs APK via Bluetooth , the watch software APK installed on the mobile

How you can share files and applications with your friends.

  • Co-applications through the program, her father Apps Share on as Facebook : to the degree that participation applied on your page as Facebook or in any combination of sets as book to come to the conclusion of the time .
  • Bluetooth : when viewing applet through a program her father via Bluetooth with your friends who to the degree that seeing their names in your Bluetooth .
  • -Dropbox “ Dropbox : ” when uploading a file to Dropbox. of to who, who paid the work Account means through the sheet to .
  • Also you can publish applied for will serve Common or Google Plus, through the program she Epsom .
  • As you publish and share applied through a file-Tex text and send it to the phones of your friends .
مميزات تطبيق share apps للاندرويد
And share apps for Android

Features the application of sheer Epsom share apps

Features of this program is great it is fast in the transmitter and is very easy in use and sends the files to complete so that when you send any file to see a song or a game or a program sends the full without running out file.

  • Search for apps through the name to find it easily
  • Supports different platforms to send
  • Important for developers to publish their apps quickly
  • Light and free and does not occupy much space of the mobile phone memory
  • Can be sent via sms
  • Open or delete applications
  • Watch app in the Google Play Store or any store you want
  • Send the application format .apk

Download program SharePoint epss android Download share apps apk

Download android

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