Download Quran application Ayat Ayat read the source without Internet

Download the programme of the verses of the Holy Quran Ayat 2018

The application of verses Ayat on the mobile phone offers many of the services and the nurses to the reader of the Koran through a mobile phone , where you can read the Quran online on your mobile phone through the application of verses Ayat free , with many features and additions that makes it easy to read as the page selection and the market also determine the place you stop reading , considered the application of the verses of the best apps the Holy Quran on mobile , where searching for a lot of between the application of religious 2018 Android which adopts the most downloaded and used , You can now through this topic from the website how the technique of application download signs for Android and you can also download the programme of the verses of the Holy Quran on your PC , continue reading this article to find the download links ready .

About the app the Holy Quran Ayat :

Being Muslim, the availability of the Holy Quran on our smart phones and tablets and computers in offices is desirable, as extremely which is imposed at the same time data a large part of which is a Qur’an as it is really good when you travel or at the time of the blank to open the application of the Koran and read parts of it and the time to get a lot of favors to pay very much.

There are a lot of successful applications for Android phones, computers and windows, but there is a uniform application is available on two platforms at the same time and talk about the verses Ayat.

The Application according to our information has been downloaded more than million times for computers what makes us talk about about million computers include this program, in contrast, is available on Google Play for phones and tablets running Android has been downloaded about 10 million on these devices the most widespread of the status quo.

We talk then about the successful introduction and spread of the Koran which supports many languages including English, French and many other languages “sahih international , quran hamidullah , melara navio , Português – El Hayek , bubenheim quran , diyanet işleri , bosnian quran korkut , piccardo , wanted are , a Kurd Burhan Muhammad Amin , Persian Hussein crown the whole dare”

The app provides reading and writing of the Qur’an and also the audio reading and the different types of intonation and procedures of the various market of the Koran.

Advantages of the application of the Holy Quran verses Ayat Android

تطبيق ايات الجديد
The application States the new

In general, we find that application on the computers of large size and talk about downloading more than 120 MB and this takes time and requires you to contact a good Internet to download it in minutes.

And smart phones has deliberately the developers make it a smaller size with the need of the application of the Internet to identify pictures and sounds, readings and interpretations, but at the same time requires you to leave a good space on your phone to download the Holy Koran through the application and interpretations which you can access in next time without an Internet connection.

We know very well that 60 of the Party of the Qur’an and the number of words is enormous and also audio clips of Quranic explanation with the whole use your storage space large, in fact, not easy to be included in one application and made it available for users without an Internet connection so the app requires that you have your phone connected to the internet and gradually the download images and readings on your device.

مميزات تطبيق ايات لتلاوة القران الكريم
Features the application of IATA to meet the Holy Quran

For the plan of the book the Koran it is the same plan found in the banks of the Quranic this gives the reading some of the privacy that you feel and you’re carrying a Koran, a dogwood, on the other hand the app lets you many possibilities, the good ones are copies of verses to share and also the share buttons on Twitter and Facebook.

It also provides you access on the interpretation of the verse there are many explanations that are supported by the application of the interpretation of the Son of Lot, the mediator into, and Saadi, Begonia.

It also offers you to listen Quran audio where offers you many of the readings are real, including minshawi based fares abbad Saad al-ghamdi, and a lot of are others of them, Abdel basset Abdel Samad.

Offers you application Quran verses Ayat intelligent search engine come to you all the verses that mentioned a certain name, as it provides you teach the verse that got to her the last time and easily accessible next time you open the app easily.

Not to mention the possibility to stop and resume the reading of the audio as it depends on the property of memorizing the Koran is what makes its use in conservation are also possible.

It also provides also download audio files and mp3 audio stored on your phone and use it to listen without an Internet connection, as it does not display any ads and that’s an excellent point.

Link, download application Quran verses Ayat

تحميل تطبيق ayat 2018
Download app ayat 2018

You can get this free app for computers, Android , you can download it also the edges installation of Windows , it is available also computers Mac , and don’t forget to also computers, Linux you can download the app .

Download android

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download Linux

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