Download snapchat 2 Android to open two accounts Snapchat on Android

Way to open more than one account snapchat Android

Wonder a lot of users to develop a snapchat about how to open two accounts snapchat on Android devices without having to sign out and account the other and the various complexities followed , through download snapchat 2 for Android without root through this thread to get the application snapchat one gives you the advantages of the application of sea of the official and the bonus features offered by the application snapchat 2 for Android , you’ll find a link to download snapchat 2 Android at the bottom of this topic from the website we how technology .

What pleases some users to access it is to have two apps snapchat every one of them has been recorded in account snapchat is different from the other.

This desirable strongly of a Party of those who have account on this service and want to use them on their smart phones or tablets without having to do a route or any complicated operations and serious.

What is the purpose of using two accounts on snapchat?

Can I have the user account on snapchat, to especially if as a marketer or business owner and has an account used to promote the products and services of his company.

In the second account uses it personally in communicating with friends and those close to them, therefore don’t want to confuse his personal account and.

Of course, this really is no user, the social networks allow multiple accounts as long as you use it in a legal way, but in the case tended to be used illegally here have to delete them or freeze them.

Way to work snapchat 2 Android to open two accounts snapchat :

تحميل سناب شات 2
Download snapchat 2

If you get a device running Android what the latest 7.0 does not need any external plugins to use two accounts for this service on your smart phone or your tablet.

Google worked on the development of the system to open more than one account of social networking applications and chat easily through the new feature.

To take advantage of it all you have to do the lobby of the long press on the icon of snapchat, you will see many options like select multiple items, to your home screen, transferred from the domain, uninstall, app info, and the path that we care about is installing a second app.

You will see an alert message asking if you want to install snapchat 2 on your device which will appear its icon in the applications besides the first application, click on OK.

After a few seconds you will see the icon of the second app you will have access to it, you will see the login interface, enter your log-in information to the second account is the account that you use in the first application.

Start using it and you can open two applications and between them manage the accounts easily for the users.

How to open two accounts Snapchat by snapchat application 2 :

فتح حسابين سناب شات

Open two accounts snapchat

But if you have a phone or tablet device by issuing the oldest of the Android platform, it is certain that there are other solutions but not interested in complex solutions or that require you to root.

For this there is a very good solution is the application of Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face available for free with some benefits paid.

We don’t care advantages paid, is important to the free version which displays advertisements provide us the service that we want, namely to copy the app you want and use a second copy of it.

From the fact first that you have the snapchat application on your device it works, so you are using this app to copy and log in your other account on snapchat 2.

تحميل نسخة مكررة سناب شات للاندرويد
Download a duplicate of snapchat for Android

The application provides the Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face doing the same process with other apps you can have on them two accounts, including WhatsApp and Facebook as well as Messenger and even some famous games.

It’s a free application and compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 so what the latest, while downloaded from Google Yes more than 50 million times and with respect to the size of 7 megabytes, and requires you use it do root your device.

The app had gained the trust of millions of users and a good solution for those who wish to use more than one account on snapchat on an Android phone without problems.

Download the app

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