Download store apps Huawei New AppGallery alternative to Google Play

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Download store apps Huawei New AppGallery alternative to Google Play

We all know that Huawei faces the risk of a ban on corporate America with it, means that Google, Microsoft and producers of services and equipment that you use in its phones won’t deal with it.

Became now stressing that the ban will come into force starting from August 19, next, that instead to enter into force starting from now.

As we indicated earlier, the current phones which was released recently and any phones will be released to the markets of Huawei during the next 90 days will not be affected by too much ink.

But there are still significant risks surrounding the phones of this company by this resolution, for this you can be used to store apps alternative, namely the AppGallery.

Real stores Huawei AppGallery

Real stores Huawei AppGallery

According to Bloomberg, the manufacturing company of smart phones Chinese by encouraging app makers in the 2018 offer to help them to enter to China, the largest market for smartphones in the world, if they built programs and apps to follow the AppGallery.

Like all vendors of other Android phones, the included Huawei painfully the extent of their reliance on the First-party apps and apps from Google, despite the fact that the majority of other companies, subject to this company also to more scrutiny and hostility by the government of the United States, so it is quite logical to try Huawei prepare for the potential loss of working relationship with Google.

During the summer of last year the company launched a Chinese this store which contains a lot of applications and games which you can download directly to your smart phone.

Features Store apps Huawei New AppGallery

Is Huawei’s AppGallery app store Huawei official which you can use to download hundreds of Android apps.

The app works perfectly with any smart phone by Android operating system, but you need to install the application services of mobile phone of Huawei in your smart phone even works properly.

Once you familiarize yourself with your user account, you can take a look at the different categories which include Huawei AppGallery such as communications, photography, video games, Finance, etc. Within each category you’ll find a range of different applications, of course.

Page includes information specific to each application on the screen shots and general information about the features of the application and the approximate number of for downloads and of course a download link, you can also check the weight of the app and the developer is not from the same page.

Depends Huawei AppGallery an interesting alternative for the other app stores because no matter what may be suggested by the name, you can download the app using any device as long as it has Android operating system.

Do you Store apps Huawei New AppGallery safe?

Store apps Huawei New

Needs store for the professional system to detect security features detects harmful behavior and examine privacy and clear the vulnerability, it also contains a manual verification of the safety of the real name, in addition to the interests of a real person and a real environment to ensure that every application in the AppGallery safe to use.

The AppGallery application of coordinated and harmonious development, which cover lifestyle, travel and entertainment and many other categories, to help you algorithms machine learning advanced in find what you need quickly and accurately.

There is a team of Supervisors on the App Store are working on reviewing the applications and games that are added, and you can believe in yourself more than by reviewing the evaluations of the applications, programs and games by the rest of the users.

Still many apps missing in the App Store Huawei’s new AppGallery

There are a lot of important applications which will be important for you to access them on the App Store Huawei’s new AppGallery.

With the expiration of the 90 days you won’t find applications like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat on this store unfortunately.

You’ll find that there are alternatives to third-party developers provides them on store Huawei, while supposed to be able to download these popular apps from the stores of the third party known and scattered.

Download store apps Huawei New AppGallery

You can download this app store as the user for Android devices in general don’t care about you use the phone Sony or Huawei or Samsung.

The store worth of trade on the whole and you can use it free on your phone, which is officially available on the website of the company Huawei from here .

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